my convictions regarding health

  • when eating full fats they are absorbed by the lymphatic system, bypassing the liver. It greases (and helps) the lymphatic system which eliminated waste from organs and tissues and fights bad things. I think the lymphatic system is a superior system and needs to be supported whenever possible. Mild stretching (as in yawning!) works wonders for it.
  • eating a fat based diet provides the body with energy all day long. No blood sugar peaks. This is to be recommended, blood sugar peaks are poisonous. Which is why we have a fierce system to regulate it: insuline. This is like TNT, not to be played with lightly.
  • as a very sensitive person I should trust when my body craves something or doesn’t feel joyeus when touching a food stuff. I can distinguish between cravings because of a need and craving because of an addiction (sugar, cookies, milk chocolate, fried foods)
  • a lot of my moods are chemically induced. This leaves me wondering when I am myself.
  • my blood pressure is too low. This prevents nutrients being ‘pushed’ into organs and tissues. This has resulted in malnutrition before. Things aiding blood pressure are welcome (salt, laying flat, eating superfoods and small portions of it) but it does not heal the primary cause.
  • a body has a tendency to heal itself, it will react (gratefully) to just the smallest of support. That is why doing a little of a good thing is better than ceasing to do anything at all (because of perfectionism, for example).
  • given time the body will overcome most bad things I do to it. If I eat something bad or overstrain it will take a couple of days/weeks to recover but it wíll get back to where it was. There is some playing room as long as I don’t stack up the bad things.
  • I have found the time I need to recuperate after indulging in a bad thing is a waste of my time and frustrates me very much. This is why I find it easier to pass up on gluten, champagne and big social meetings.
  • I have a natural deficiency in progesteron. When taking hormone replacements it is of great importance to only take what a normal body would need on one day (physiological dosis) and only take a hormone of the exact same moleculair structure as my own body would produce (bio-identical hormone). Otherwise there will be side effects and not full benefits. (all contraceptives and almost all Hormone Replacement Therapy consist of non bio-identical hormones because only those can get a patent. And patents begets marketing and lobbyist and representatives that visit doctors.)
  • the nervous system and brain remains plastic throughout life and can learn new things. The mental attitude and habits can help with this.

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