Tuesday: a day off work or a day of work?

It’s about 2 o’clock midday now. I have not recuperated sufficiently from what happened this morning to do some work.

But I have ingested too much cortisol and it’s unavoidable entourage (food and chocolate) to lay back and rest!

Earlier I sat down at my work place and tried some work but it didn’t go well.  I’m too restless to work. Too wired to rest.

I think I’ll do some physical activity to get some of this stuff (drugs, sugars) out of my system. That is probably winding skeins of yarns and baking muffins (pumpkin+bacon+ginger)

well, at least I’ll have something to knit and something to eat when I crash and need to rest, later (this week)

I still aim to do some bacteria writing stuff today though.


no. I did not refind my balance. No skeining, no baking. Just chilling on the couch. I did get a chunk of knitting done though. Handmade, formfitting sweaters are important too. I watched two episodes of Stranded on YouTube, by Les Strous. I liked that very much. Especially how important the mental part is in surviving. Keep kalm. Think.

The other thing I noticed is that he got brainfogged in the winter when he did not have enough carbohydrates in his blood. I recognized the brainfog, when you cannot protect yourself from your own stupidity. I do not have a lack of carbohydrates in my bloodstream. But they do not get through to my brain. I think because of low blood pressure, there’s just not enough pressure to seep them through the blood brain barrier. Next time I’m at a loss, I’ll try and lay down on the ground, to level the pressure. (I do this when I’m overexcited and get whoosy. Now I will do it when that eery feeling sets in, where you know you are not coping but cannot identify risks or threats)

knitting and survival tips, not too bad eh?


PS. I’m really looking forward to put in some writing tomorrow. Bacteria ahead!