Holle time: the daily checklist

Here’s the checklist I made up. On it all the things I need to do and not forget. I structured it around the resting moments. I can’t believe it took me all day to make this… I’m so fogged!

I want to use this so I don’t have to remember everything. Green is a good colour for it.

On a day that I have no plans this is what I’d do:


About the resting:

  • lie down and have something to do. Couch or bed. Lie flat. Wear hat and wristwarmers. Cover with blanket. Earplugs or ear mufflers. Time to go into PNS mode. Use Faraday tent.

About the cortisol:

  • hydrocortisone should be taken about every three hours. Doses getting smaller through the day. Make sure you get at least 10 mg on a day that you’re doing nothing.

planning things in advance is crucial:

  • lay out new clothes, prepare faradays tent, prepare things to do when lying down: sewing, embroidery, writing on computer (not ideal!), sketching, knitting something difficult, what will I eat when, when will I cook it, when and who will buy it. What’s the address I am going to the next day?

doing things in steps is better albeit a bit messy:

  • cooking, cleaning, knitting

FOOD for the next weeks:
on Monday the 16th I’ll prepare a fatty steak (riblap). This will hopefully feed me until Friday.

There are two or three more steaks in the freezer in the city. I’ll cook one on Fri 20 and on Mon 30. I’m running out of dinner on the first weekend of January. Ask Robert to go to the Organic Shop and get me some by then. We won’t be able to visit our regular farmer until Jan 10.

Alternatives for steak are chicken soup from the organic shop, fish from the fish stand, liver wurst, eggs. The butcher in the city (might he have organ meats? They won’t be organic…)

We’ll be needing organic eggs somewhere in the next few weeks, I’ve only got about 36 at the moment (2 for breakfast and some for the cookie dough)

Do we have enough spices, coconut oil, pickles, liverwurst, chocolate, cream and butter? (?, nah, no, no, yes, no and yes)

Bring with me from the cabin to the city:

  • red LeCreuset pan, filled with steak and ready to cook the new one in a few days.
  • the good cream whippers, both electric and hand operated

there’s still the issue of the laundry…

Today, Monday the 16th, I had an awful day. I feel very weird. Utterly miserable, in my body and in my head. My chemistry is totally messed up. It could be from the four cookies I ate yesterday. Which drives home the point for the coming weeks:

don’t cheat, don’t eat bad things.

pic by Michal Zacharzewski

As today was miserable I had to cancel the wool spinning group tomorrow. I’m sad about that. It’s been almost half a year now since I last saw them. Every month I have hopes and this month I was going to go for sure. I’m nearby, I have a car. But alas.

It was also suggested to me that I better postphone the appointment I have in Amsterdam on Thursday.

I’m not ready to that. Although I do recognize the sound sensibility of canceling. It would bring rest. It would mean I get to decorate the tree. Get to prepare for cookies.

But canceling feels, at the moment, as some sort of surrender to the illness. And I’m utterly fed up with it and not prepared to surrender. I’m very angry at being ill at the moment and it’s the reason I’m so attacking this illness from all different angles for the last couple of weeks. It also keeps me very wired and this is counterproductive, I’m well aware. But for now I have no zen. I’ll sleep on it and then I’ll reschedule it to the New Year because I’m such a good girl grrrr

 pic by Iris Scherer

A good thing for today was that I followed up on my good intentions and lay down this morning, one hour after breakfast. Properly down too, all horizontal, tucked in with woolen blankets and the cat. I had remembered to take the bare minimum of supplements including a digestive aid. My belly rewarded me with rumbles and I felt proud and grateful.

So that’s how far I’ve come. A schedule for when I’m not doing anything. I haven’t figured out yet how to juggle the things on the schedule and the things on my calendar.

For one thing: resting after eating will be skipped. This probably means I shouldn’t eat for nutrients on those occasions but for energy. Lightly digestable foods.

I’m glad with the schedule. I think it’s good that I identified a few slots of time where I can just walk around the house and pick up on things that need to be done. Hopefully one of them will be laundry because I’m running a bit low on things to wear.

also by pic by Iris Scherer

I build my Faraday’s cage!

Faraday cage yshield silver tulle
I have build myself a Faraday’s cage!
It will shield my body from all the High Frequency Radiation that’s going on, especially when I’m in the city, from sources such as mobile phone networks and wifi’s. We get up to 14 wifi networks in our house in the city!

These high frequency waves may very well mess with the body cells, with functions that perhaps use the same frequencies? It could be Sodium Potassium pump (the Na Ka process, the Natrium Kalium pump to non-US folk) or with synapses firing in the brain. I do not sleep well in the city, with all the networks going on, and have had a suspicion these fields were bothering me for a long time now. No better way to try out a theory than put it to the test!

The fabric is Silver Tulle from the company Yshield.com. It is a knitted nylon, coated with a little bit of silver. Silver is a good conductor. This fabric is one of the best shielding fabrics there is. It shields up to 50 dB at 1 GigaHerz and as these scales are logarithmic (the result doubles with every step) this provides way better shielding than say a fabric or fleece or gauge that shields 40 dB.

Sewing jersey is a pain. With shielding material it is important that there are no holes in the construction and especially the seams need to be folded over. As any knitted fabric has a tendency to roll at the sides, I put the two pieces right sight to wrong side, so they wanted to roll together, and sewed the seam.
Indeed it rolled and this seam is now part of a perfectly closed cage of Faraday:
Faraday cage yshield silver tulle

The frame consists of the flexible tubes I got from a childrens playhouse:

I put it on its side, removed the cloth (which made the tubes SPROIING! into round hoops).
I keep them in a longer, flatter shape with some woven bands.
Faraday cage yshield silver tulle
I specifically chose my most favourite woven band, long ago purchased to use on clothing. As I’ll be spending many an hour in this tent I like something nice to look at. It is also why I have them with the nice side facing inwards.
I attached snaps at the ends. This way I can amend the shape and the measurements of the tent.

Tubes with fabric draped over it:
Faraday cage yshield silver tulle

Entrance through the side:
Faraday cage yshield silver tulleOnce inside I fold the fabric under so the fabric overlaps all around.

It works!
Faraday cage yshield silver tulle

Next week I’ll take it to the city and take my daily rests in it. I wonder what the outcome will be! But first I’ll add a felted underlayer. That way the cat can join me. She really wants to but the fabric is too vulnerable for her love stamping feet clawing.

Another thing to consider is that silver has a tendency to discolour. That is why I can expect discolouration from oxidation and from the oils in my hands. Not to worry. A true testing engineer doesn’t mind ;)

I want to add a big thank you to Yshield.com in Germany. It’s with them that I bought this fabric. Their customer service is excellent. They are very friendly and personally oriented. And they know their technical stuff!
I called them early one morning to ask a question I had mentioned only the previous evening by email and the lady answering didn’t need any introduction, as soon as she heard my name she switched to English and knew what I was talking about. A really good company I gladly recommend.

Delivery was fast, free and well secured:

I am not paid for this endorsement.

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