road signs along my way

this is where I am and this is where I plan to go. A page keep track of things.

november 2013:

  • enjoy your shut down adrenals. Rest up for a month or 3. Enjoy your meaningful life ;)
  • february/march: slowly reduce hydrocortisone. See if adrenals start up again.
  • if they do: YAY! if they don’t: visit Radboud.


previously written:


  • get rid of excess Copper by way of small doses of Zinc (5mg) + vit. C (1000mg) + nettle tea (1 to 2 l) per day

expect extra fatigue and bouts of hyperactive mind and accompanying ambition frustration with state of life and career. Also anxiety about having never been my true self. Don’t worry, this will all pass.

  • take hydrocortison in physiological doses (less than 15 mg per day)

expect more energy and better digestion. Keep taking rests. Be on the alert for adrenal shut down and osteoporosis. Also, you need to carry this medicin everywhere as you are now in danger of death when a crisis happens. Sew pockets into your skirts and shirt (or bra)

  • become a patient with a certain ‘free range’ endocrinologist

this is the man I want to visit, he looks with an open eye and would probably find my case interesting. Unfortunately he is recovering from a car accident at the moment and besides that doesn’t take on new patients. I’ll wait.

  • visit a mesoloog because my family doctor likes me too.

expect no understanding of where I am or who I am. She may not recognize that my body is doing very well and there are no residual blockages due to youth experiences, surgeries or mental attitude. The goal is to find out where the source of my problem lies (adrenals, enzym pathways, HPA axis).

  • visit the adrenal endocrinologists in Radboud hospital, Nijmegen

have got the referral and the paperwork but it probably looks too sketchy for their liking. On hold at the moment as I work through this Copper thing first. After that might muster up the energy to go to battle with them.


  • do one job a day, have five jobs in total
  • find a way to ‘do the homework’. To get things done. Without blaming myself or getting angry with myself because ordering myself to work doesn’t work.

There’s something to be found in ‘being interested’. When I’m interested in the work is no work at all! (this is a treat mentioned in the book Teveel mens, te weinig dier.) Use this as a tool. To Englishify the Dutch saying “Forge the steel while it’s hot!”

  • think about the designing of things. Still feel like illustrating a children’s story, make wall art, print with wooden blocks
  • think about being an artist. Still feel the call.

Managing daily life:

  • put the bottles with pills for the day on the front of the kitchen counter. As you take one, put the bottle back. This way you’ll keep track of which one you’ve taken
  • lie down one hour a day, at least. It is important.
  • wear a nice dress.
  • ask the husband to do things. He likes specifics.

Nice, big things:

  • get a car this Spring.

go to a dealer and sit in one. Dad will help with model and speaking to the seller. Plan calendar.

  • go on holiday in July.

we’ll be going to Ireland. My sister in law will come to the cabin and stay there with the cats. We need one other person. Think about how to settle them in.

  • attend the big Country Fair in June.

always such fun! I get to wear a felted princess dress. Take care to create a corner to recuperate. Preferably have a lie down. Bring foods that support. Two weeks before and after: take care. And rest.

  • attend the Spinners Weekend in October ánd have a booth there

bring a fleece to sleep on, the plastic matrass covers there are terrible. No big things in September (or two weeks after the event)

  • get a breast reduction.

when I’m all better. A thing I’ve wanted from an early age on.


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