health holding steady at 75%-80%

It’s holding! My health is now steady at 75 or 80% of what a normal healthy person has.

Sleep is continiously good now. Unless I eat something wrong.

Belly is good. Unless I eat something wrong or have days of excitement/stress such as the winter holidays.

Since it takes days if not weeks for my gut to heal it’s now not very hard to decline things I shouldn’t eat. As long as I remember to bring butter, chocolate or whipped cream I don’t feel left out either.

The hardest thing is to concede to the limitations of this life. Of course everybody has them, limits to their life. Nobody can do everything they want to, there’s simply not enough time in a day!

I have found I can do now 5 things in a day. Not more. Anything more I plan must be assumed a frivolous wish.

The list I must chose from:

  • take a little walk
  • take a shower
  • change the bed sheets
  • draw something
  • sew something
  • design something
  • write something
  • felt something
  • spin wool
  • wash wool
  • write a letter or card
  • make a phonecall
  • drive somewhere and back
  • visite the shops
  • clean the house
  • do the laundry
  • cook dinner
  • bake something
  • have a visitor
  • be a visitor
  • write a long blogpost
  • have a bath

only five things a day, I must chose carefully. All boxes need to be ticked: self maintainance, house maintainance, “career”things, social things.

I’ve started a little notebook or gratitude journal to note the 5 things I do each day. So I have something to counter the feeling I’m doing nothing and failing my to do list. It’s a simple tool but it works for me.

You remember the Spoon theory. I have five spoons now. And luckily they are much bigger than they were before. Getting up or getting dressed no longer requires a spoon. What luxury!

 pic by P�ivi Rytivaara

I still follow my own tips for preserving energy which I wrote down 2,5 years ago. I just realized as I stumpled across them.

Which is why I’m not offering the link to the Spoontheory right now. Because I couldn’t find it right away. And you now how to work the Google.

my tips for energizing when slugish

sleepy, floppy sea lion

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