Art: scribbling to explore shapes

These are the scribbles I made.
I know they’re nothing.
But I am showing you them because they are everything:


These are two figures by Bonnard. I sketched them pretty soon after I returned from visiting his work in Amsterdam. I love how the countoures of the dress and the hand of “dog lady” echo’s in the shape of the dog. The sheer and shared dog happiness is bursting from the page.

The “cat lady” also echoos shapes the cat has. In her dress, in the leaves around her.
These are things I revel in. Shapes, contours, echoing, relations.

Here now follow the scribbles I made this morning, trying to catch animal shapes from the internet (as I am convinced Bonnard took his cues from photographs) with the same freedom and happiness Bonnard used:

I’m a cat person but dogs are easier ;)
Dogs have limbs and ears all flying about and being flappy, literally illustrating their mood and their zest for life. Cats are more contained balls of fur, with ears at impossible angles. Their expression is more in the face. Which are not drawable at all.

My sketches.
It takes a lot to show these on the internet. They are so easy to be criticized.

But I want to show:
a – that art begins with harmless scribbles, without fear of doing it right or wrong, without self criticism. Just scribbling away, having some fun.
b – that I have to come back from a long distance. Usually a page and a half of these kind of scribbles is just the warming up for an artist. But this took me two hours. And this is all I have and also the best I could do. This is where I am at the moment, with my brain, with my ability to concentrate. It’s not pretty. But I am not ashamed of it.

I think I may like to document how I slowly work my way back to making art, here, on this blog. Share it with you.
Yes, I think I’d like that. That we may together see how things come together for me. How all that talk and thinking about shapes translates in actual art study and expression.
This blog as part of my artist’s notebook? Because I love notebooks…