Don’t eat much.

  1. I preserve so much energy when I eat sensible (small portions of dense nutrient foods such as just 2 egg yokes for breakfast).
  2. Survivor Man Les Strous doesn’t find a whole lot to eat when he’s out in the wild.
  3. it’s berry time around my cabin, nature is giving! From this natural environment I get maybe 5 ripe berries a day… That’s not much.

1 + 2 + 3 = people were not made to eat all day every day. Certainly not in the portions we have at our disposal.

pic by Shannah Pace

Which is why:

4. sugar makes you fat and gives you diabetes. “Sugar” includes modern fruits, honey, wheat products, fruit juice and milk. Any amount over what you can balance on one finger will spike your blood sugar.

5. when you eat more than the size of your fist (or even half that) you’ll keep wanting more. You’ve activated your insuline system. This is a biological system that’s very hard to counter with sheer willpower.

The solution is to eat small portions of dense foods. Never raise blood sugar. Never go hungry.

I imagine a hunter gatherer’s daily collection: 5 berries and a small rodent.
pic by KateKrav

What will he do all day once he’s fed?
Sit around. Enjoying the view. Relaxing. Sleeping. Socializing. Thinking things.
Pretty much what the cat does, except for the thinking.

Can it be that we’re meant to do just that? That our bodies were made for searching food and, once found, to relax? To enjoy our brain a bit but not to the extent we pummel it today, with news and coffee and career schemes and games.

It certainly feels like my body was designed for having a little food and having a little lie in.
The problem is: what to occupy the mind with?

(I suspect we have drifted away from the original use in this also. We are addicted to the mental pummeling just like we are addicted to sugar and lots of food.)



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