Mercury on the brain

Didn’t sleep well for two nights, was weirdly alert and confused at the same time during the day. Tried to think what could cause this.

One thing I’d changed was I started taking N-A-C (N-Acetyl-Cysteine)
It’s good for the liver as it provides Cysteine that it uses to make Glutathione.
Only thing is: it moves mercury out of the liver and other tissues, into the brain. People with sensitive brain chemistry like me might experience effects from that. My N-A-C was a fairly big dose: 600 mcg. Half of it would be better.
for now: stop taking N-A-C

Also: I cut my hair. Meant to use the thinning out scissors. Grabbed regular scissors instead.
I’m wearing a hat for now. And cropping pictures strategically.


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