What I eat: 1400-2200 Kcal; 154 gr fat; 47 gr protein; 30 gr khd

For fun I listed this morning what I eat on normal days. This is my typical intake, I don’t vary much.

for breakfast: two egg yokes warmed a teaspoon of coconut fat, with pepper.

for snack/brunch/lunch/snack: a total of 175 ml of whipped cream and 40 grams of Lindt 85% dark chocolate. This can be plain or made into ganache. I eat portions through the day but the main part at lunch.

before/after dinner: two or three slices of liverwurst with 6 to 8 small pickles.

dinner: a piece of organic meat with a slice of full fat butter.

during the day: 2 l of herbal tea and/or water, each cup with added salt.

supplements, mainly minerals.

I plan to make a spread sheet with the portions and their nutritional values but for now I can tell you the total I eat on a day comes to:
1400 Kcal (at least. Probably closer to 1800)
154 grams of fat (at least. probably more. I love cream.)
47 grams of protein
30 grams of carbohydrates

this is a fat based, lightly ketogenic diet. I get my energy from the fats. My blood sugar and insulin levels are picture perfect.
My cholesterol is slightly elevated but as the good cholesterol is also high, the ratio is perfect.

I eat small portions, avoiding insulin triggers and preserving digestive energy. I chose high quality, rich tasting foods. This is all very tasty!

I aid my digestion with stomach acidifiers. 45 minutes after breakfast I go lie down and wait for my small intestines to process the food. This aids me much in terms of uptake of nutrition and preserving of overall energy.

On this intake I can do a normal day, including an activity such as a walk through the park or a shower. If I do more, say spend an afternoon in the city, then I eat more. Usually a piece of fish or shrimps with creme fraiche. Or more chocolate or sweeter chocolate or a chicken leg. Also more butter or coconut fat.

I think this way of eating is close to what Kwasniewski promotes in the Homo Optimum Diet.
I don’t know, I should check. I did start out on his diet but over time I’ve just gravitated towards these foods and am doing well on it for a few years now.
I’m never hungry. I don’t fret over portions or ratios. This is just what I eat.

Sometimes I crave things. Liver. Offal. Gelatine. Vanilla. I try to find it (offal is hard to find).
Other times I crave things I’ve recently eaten: chips, liquorice, cheap chocolate. These are different kind of cravings, these are addictions. I narrowed it down to a reaction to vegetable oils, sugar and artificial taste enhancers.
They are not necessarily bad (vegetable oils are pleasant) but I eat with care.

I think I miscalculated the cream. I thought I’d eat 100ml a day, I now think it’s closer to 250 ml. No way I’d survive on 1400 Kcal!
really, I’m taking in between 1800 and 2200. Because I’m in slightly ketogenic modus my body expells any energy it doesn’t need. It does this via ketones in urine and breath.
If you eat 1400 Kcal you are mismanaging your body. It could go in “survivor-mode”.


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