Design: calendar holder

I got this calendar made from little pieces of paper, one for each day. A great way to send someone a calendar because you can just print it on an A4. If the person is willing to do some folding and tearing to make it into individual pieces.

You can’t tear the papers from the holder because the second half of the year is on the back.

So I bend this piece of aluminium. It will hold the calendar and will show the current date facing outward.

Flow kalender ophang device
Flow kalender ophang device

Unrelated but not quite: I want to strengthen my back muscles a bit, what with the Atlas Profilax and me with the tendency to slouch. I know a little routine, using halters. I can do it while I listen to a fun 3 minute song.
So I’d like some halters please. Friendly ones.
Nice colours, preferable with flowers or cats.
Girly halters.
I can’t find them.

there’s a market out there people, a market for friendly weights to lift.


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