Holle time Day 12: Spinning Sparklies


into this:

This is half a yarn. It needs to be plied with another half and then it will loose some of its twist and poof up into thicker yarn with more sparklies.
It’s very soft. It’s BFL with Nylon. BFL is “Blue Faced Leicester”, some sort of sheep. The Nylon is the sparkly bit.

I spin for the sake of spinning. I’m enjoying the softness, the colours, the sparklies.

What I do with the yarn is not of concern right now. It will be pretty much unusable yarn anyway, with all these colours tumbling over each other. If you knit with it the endresult will be ….. ’80s clown barf.

I could weave with the yarn I guess, that would make it a bit less obnoxious.
Or I could ply it in a way that the yarn could be more usable, having longer colour repeats.
But I won’t. I’m spinning this now and enjoying it.

Where it came from:


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