Holle time day 10: being a Rebel Dresser

Yesterday I spend my Golden Hour buying a dress. I conceded to the fact that although I have fabric for 14 dresses here at home I will probably not sew one before x-mas. Next year. So I was daring: I set out to buy a dress I could easily have made myself.
(Only not that easily.)

I hadn’t set foot in a fashion shop for years. The first few shops were a terrible experience. There’s so much crap for sale! Flooded with so much bad music!
Bad fabrics, bad shapes, badly made dresses. How am I supposed to keep warm in skimpy little nothings made of plastic?

Anyway, there’s one shop in town where the pleasure of wearing a comfortable dress comes before anything else: Art Fashion at the Colperstraat 26.

I even remembered to favour breathing ease over the perfect fit. And try to sit down with it to check ease and creeping up of hems.
So here it is, my new dress, in a comfortable one-size-bigger-than-necessary:


It’s 15% wool (which is considerable in this town). It has enough ease to wear a longsleeve or more under it. And this shop showed nuemerous examples of combining layers of clothing and of combining colours and textures. They share the fun of wearing a dress! They enable play.

So I have a green and a silver petticoat to go with this and lots of cardigans (which I will knit in the near future, hopefully before x-mas 2014).

It’s well made (in China) and it is lined with friendly looking fabric.

A nice patterned lining is like a little extra gift for the dress wearer. An inside giggle, meant to make you feel pampered.

Personally I love all my dresses to be lined, preferably with quirky patterns:
DJ-ing hermit crabs; insulting cats in Pippi-wigs; prints of Dutch masterpieces such as Van Gogh or silkprints of weird knitted fabric. A little funny on the inside.

This morning I woke up with a mind to return this dress. You see, the colour is wrong.
It’s all right for the colour analysis I had done:

but I need to think of contrast too.

I need to wear lighter colours near my face and a darker colour contrasting that further away. This matches the contrasts my skin/eyes/hair have and I will look beeeeeautiiifullll. A nice trick.

This new dress forces me to wear light ice pastels near my face (or white) and nothing else. I better exchange it for the dark grey one they have, that one will allow for much more coloured fun to be worn around my face.

Being a knitter I have heaps of coloured-fun-to-be-worn-around-the-face: lace shawls, scarves, cowls, hats, bonnets, wimples, knitted crowns.
I don’t have much of them in ice pastels though…

Here’s the trick in action: this cloche has about the same darkness as my hair, thusly accentuating my fair skin and dark eyebrows (and blue eyes).

This cloche would look could on a likewise dark or darker coloured garment. Not on the new, light dress. I have heaps of knitwear in this midrange of darkness.

Yes, the dark grey dress would be a much better stage for all the knitted goodness and my contrasty face to sparkle on. Resolved I took the dress to put it into the bag again.
That’s when the rebel dresser in me put her foot down.

I want to wear this dress. This will make me smile whenever I look down. A dark grey dress may look smashing to whomever is looking me in the face but the person looking out of this face, me, will only see a dark grey blob when looking down. Nothing to smile about.

So that’s it. I’m keeping the dress. I’ll wear it with whatever I want. In whatever contrast I want. My visible wearing glee will make up for the not-quite-smashing-look. I’m a rebel dresser!

(knitted crown)


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