Holle Time day 9: stand up straight.

Atlas Profilax results, before and after picture:
atlasprofilax result atlas profilax before after

First picture is from six months ago. Second picture from night before last.
In both I am standing up straight, straight legs, weight equally distributed on both feet and relaxed. My stance feels the same. But it looks so different.

What the pictures do not show is the rotation my upper body used to have. My left shoulder was in front of my shoulderseam. This is also why the bodice of the dress is askew in the before-picture.

In the before-picture you see I have the tendency to wear my head tilted to the right (left in picture). This invited every part below my head to compensate: shoulders not level, a fold in my side, hips uneven and the rotation.
The after-picture shows what is happening now that my head is no longer tilting: it sits more in the middle (Center Front to you sewists), shoulders level out, the fold in my side is decreasing and my hips are leveling out more too.
It’s not all there yet, my body still has to adjust, but you see the first changes.

I had my first massage ever and the lady taught me about my muscles. They release their tension fairly easy. And it’s where they connect to bones that’s sensitive. (Could this be why I want to eat gelatinous fish stock ever since I had the AtlasProfilax treatment? I have a fresh batch in the fridge right now.)

The yoga class I had on Sunday…. is not my thing. I particularly dislike other people breathing it seems.
Also I prefer flowing movements and more freedom in postures, I don’t like to tangle up in a particular prediscribed way. However, I plan to go a few more times because so many people rave about it, I could be easily missing the point.


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