Holle Time Day 5: Building a nest?

I swear this table was empty when I arrived here last week…


There’s a bag of potatoes here….
and a half burned candle from four years ago, a candle that resembles a Bossche Boll in wrapping paper, roving I have to think about how to spin, last years diary, liqorice I mean to throw out for a good 5 months now, two shawls, a washed bag, various pieces of emergency chocolate, the content of three purses spilled because I couldn’t find what I was looking for, a catalogue for more brushes and a paper bag with chestnuts to roast. And that bag of potatoes.

This is all wool and knitted related things I brought to the city over the previous weeks:


I clearly thought they came with bags of time, to process them.

Here’s miss Holle herself, she clearly doesn’t mind. In fact, she’s smiling. She like wool.



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