Holle Day 4: Mumbo Jumbo Day!

I did go to Amsterdam and had that alternative treatment. It’s called AtlasPROfilax or Atlas Correction. It’s a way of correctly aligning your skull to your backbone.

The atlas: upper disk supporting the skull.

When aligned the bundle of nerves sprouting from your backbone can go into your skull unhindered, allowing better flow of signals. People get rid of their migraine, tinnitus, rsi etc. when this is caused by hindered nerves and blood vessels in the neck area.

Also, once your head is screwed on straight your body doesn’t need to compensate anymore so your backbone, shoulders and hips will straighten more. The muscles which have kept you in your crooked posture will have to learn to relax.

This is the big chunks explanation, in reality it’s more nuances and very down to earth. And no wonder pill by any means.
I did it. It worked. Mu shoulders are straight, my body is straight. I walk tall and souple now! I have great expectations. And sore muscles.

I’ll tell more about it tomorrow.

There was plenty more Mumbo Jumbo however!
For visiting the Big Bad City I wore my special neckwarmer:
It has “a polar bear’s tooth” and plenty of good karma poured into it. It was a gift from the land of magic, Norway, by Ullsmeden. A few years ago she send lots of woolens, fairytales and soul songs in a swap we shared over at Ravelry.com. I am still very touched by her skills and care and whenever I need a little fortification I wear the neckwarmer.


Mumbo Jumbo the third is that on Monday night I slept chained to the radiator…. With a copper wire around my wrist, tied to the radiator. Radiators are grounded in my country. I was trying to lift the difference in electrical potential between me and the earth.
Yeah… I’ll try anything.

That night I slept…. weird. Very sound. I thought there might be something in it.

pic by Colin Brough

The next night, I was now in the city, I wired myself up to the radiator using a piece of my conductive silver cloth, leftover from the Faraday’s tent. And a piece of phone cable with the ends stripped.
I slept terrible. Woke up every two hours.
Tossed the wire of course.

Haven’t slept a night since. Wake up every two hours. Lie away from 1 to 5 or 6. Twice as long as usual. Utterly messed up. Experiment went well, results terrible.
I hope I get back to the rythme I complain so much about: 5 hours solid sleep, 2 hours awake. What I have now is much worse!

pic by Colin Brough

An engineer at the ME-fora suggests grounding oneself is a form of micro current therapy and shouldn’t be done for hours on end.
The commercial party that coined this technique calls it “earthing” and sells equipment for it. However, I’ve read numerous accounts where the equipment was faulthy.
That’s not the case with silver cloth and copper wire (unfortunately)

We have a saying over here: “smiling like a farmer with a tooth ache”. It’s a kind of duped smile. When you have to agree amicably with a situation but you’d rather not. That’s me right now…
pic by Tibor Berki

And then: Mumbo Jumbo the fourth!
Asking your body questions and getting answers using muscle tone: Applied Kinesiology. Got me onto one of my most important supplements years ago: Lithium. For which I now have a scientific explanation because my CBS and VDR mutations deplete my Lithium rapidly.

Over time I did not have experiences with this technique that were that remarkably. Always the ego of the practianor (or me) would get in the way.
But I’m older and wiser now. Calmer (on most days).
So when I got a tip from a fellow Chronically Fatigued about self applied kinesiology I thought I’d give it a try. I believe I watched a how-to-video by someone called MagicMindy? You make a circle with your less dominant hand and try to break it while you ask a yes or no question.

I cóuld think up a theory why this does work. As well as how a dowser traces water with a diving rod (wichelroede). Minute electrical currents, altering muscle tone, electrical currents influenced by water (‘s magnetic fields) and all that. But I think I’ve used up my credibility allowance with you all for today…

I’ll leave you with the mental image of me, wandering through the city of Amsterdam all day: pulling my own finger, wearing the magic tooth of an polar bear around my neck, having my head screwed on straight and displaying green rings around my wrist from where the Copper had been.
But nobody noticed because in Amsterdam everybody’s weird.

Then a friendly lady smiled at me while she danced in a small window with red lights… She likes harmless weirdo’s.

This is where I walked and this is exactly how it looked! Because of wintertime it gets dark early and the lights are so magical! (this is not where the lady danced)


2 thoughts on “Holle Day 4: Mumbo Jumbo Day!

    • trashy TV, no journalism.

      look at their site and you’ll find lots of comments from people for whom this treatment has worked. Including one from a certain engineer: “can’t argue with results” ;)

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