Holle time Day 3: tree day!

Xma tree 2013
It’s here! I decorated it! It has lots of chocolate balls! All with real vanilla so I can eat them!

At the shop were we got it I didn’t find a fine peak but I did find a lovely glass robin:
Xma tree 2013

Oh, I LOVE glass decorations. I try to buy a small new one every year. Here’s a mrs. Julenisse, a green owl in a partyhat and in the upper right a penguin:
(and by right I mean left)

Now, can you spot my shameful secret?
Xma tree 2013
It’s not the hippo…

Here, let me shine a torch on it, we’re looking at the stem of the tree now, it’s that green vertical thing in the middle of the photo:
Wait…are those… hinges?!!

Yep. This tree is a fake one… I’m so ashamed. I really am. I never would have thought it, not even this morning. I’m such a nature lover and I love trees especially.

You see, we were at the Intratuin, to buy a real tree tree (and a peak). But the trees, they all looked awful! The sawn off ones, the Nordmanns, were all damaged and hacked. And also quite chunky in their needles, my little decorations would be lost in those.
The xmas trees with roots had smaller needles, these are the ones we usually buy, but these all looked utterly miserable. They too had lots of branches snapped and cut. I bet their roots were hacked off too, to fit them in a pot. They would never survive after I planted them in the garden.

This business of xmas trees really is a business. Happy little trees are sawn off, dug out, crudely transported to the shops without much care for them. It all radiates sadness…
This was not the feeling I was prepared to bring into my house. There was not one tree I felt a connection with. Not one. So we started to look at alternatives.

We looked at other kind of shrubbery to decorate. And we looked at …fake trees.
But we left empty handed. The fake ones are nothing to sing about either. Cheap raffia, straight cut needles with their white core showing or plastic branches from molds that looked awful. And they are soooo expensive! You can buy 10 years worth of live trees for one fake one!

We went to another greenery, the Groenrijk, and they had live trees that were way more happy and better looking. But by then I was one hour into overtime for my first rest of the day. I couldn’t think straight anymore and couldn’t make decisions anymore. There were multiple trees that looked sympathetic and that I connected to but I had lost the ability to chose. And I didn’t feel like handling a prickly live tree (the ones with roots are usually the prickly kind). Or worrying for the coming weeks and months wether it would survive.

Having this strong Adrenal Fatigue feeling it seemed such a hassle for me to the decorate the tree, to keep it alive and to plant it in the wood near the cabin somewhere in the new year and then worry some more months to see if it would survive, I just couldn’t bare it.

A fake one began to look better and better. With the live tree prices in the city we are looking at not 10 years but 5 years when the investment will run even. My husband opted we go home and think about it all some more but I knew there was no time for that. No more room available in my head, not today.

So we bought a fake one. It’s an acceptable one, with half decent needles and not a very plasticy feel to it. It comes with lights.
I’ll let you know if this tree feels festive or not. Decorating it gave me some appreciation for the spatial freedom of bendable branches, so there’s that. But this isn’t a tree. It is a bunch of plastic.

Anyway: our house now has lights and sparkles and eddible chocolate balls and a glass rubber ducky so x-mas is here!
Xma tree 2013


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