Sleep: tracking my hours

I’ve been tracking my hours the last month. Here are the hours I was in my bed asleep, in Elderberry purple:

sleep hours tracking

You see that as a rule I don’t sleep through the night. Most nights I lie awake for a couple of hours. On two nights when I did get a full nights sleep I had had a very short night the previous one.

Now for my next trick…

sleep hours quantity

Hocus Pocus Holy Quantity, Batman!
I forgot about the actual time I went to bed and just lined up the hours I slept.

There’s a clear pattern here. It doesn’t matter at what time I’m going to bed, on most nights I sleep 4,5 hours and then I wake up.

I have had this sleeping pattern all my life. I remember as a child, under the age of 10, calling for my parents. Every night. So this pattern of mine is unrelated to my CFS or ME. It does wreck havoc in my illness as I do not recuperatie sufficiently from the day before.

Lately I’ve been reading up on neurotransmitters that are involved in the various sleep stages. It seems something is happening to me after the last stage of Deep Sleep. Something in the transition makes my body react, seemingly with neuro-exitatory molecules. Could be cortisol (main suspect due to the half time of it that co-incides with my time awake before I can go back to sleep) but it can easily be any other.

I have some info on them, the neuro transmitters, but I’ll come back to that another time.  I also found some other people with this pattern, on the ME forums over at They battle it with sleeping pills and benzo’s and anti-histamines. Which all take effect on neurotransmitters. But I’ll try and sort that out later.

For now I just wanted to park the tracking graphs here.

PS. Elderberry is the plant of Hulda, Frau Holle. Sambucus, full of vit. C.
The juice of the berries will stain your white summer clothes forever! But when you try to dye wool with this rich colours, they will fade in the sun over time.


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