Holle time Day 1: setting up the crazy schedule

Welcome to yesterday’s tomorrow!

Today I’m implementing the Good Intentions I devised yesterday. The aim is to have a lovely winter holiday while being “under the weather”. The way to go about it is to actively seek the nervous system modus opposite of Fight or Flight: Rest and Digest. And still keep my social calendar.

Here’s my social calendar:
calendar dec 2013 visits
Quite ambitious!

These are the Rules I need to remember:

  • use progesterone liberally. And Valerian. It’s that time of the year month and more is required since adrenals gave out.
  • every day is about ONE thing only. All other things are bonus.
  • resting requires action: lie down flat and have something fiddly in your hands
  • when you eat look at the clock: note when you’ll have to lie down. t + 1.
  • preserve bodily energy by eating less

Now I have to drape these rules around my calendar… and fit in all the other things that I need or want doing…. it feels kind of like decorating a tree. These appointments are the fixed structure… the lights, so to speak. Wait, let me go get some colours!

acalendar dec 2013 lichtjesreal

ah yes!

Now I need to add the tinsel of REST. It needs to be there every day.

acalendar dec 2013 tinsel

Ah, so soothing. And it looks so promising! So do-able.

If only… having two days in yellow in a row is lunacy. Having more than one yellow day in any week is lunacy.

Let me just add some baubles for fun:

acalendar dec 2013 baubles

So pretty!

A few things still missing. Illustrating. Changing the bedding. Cleaning the house. Writing Gisela. Bending two shawl pins. Dyeing roving. Spinning some yarn. Having a stroll in the city. Calling the eye clinic. Having room for slip ups. Sewing my dress. Writing a blog post. Choosing a change of clothes. Writing my aunt. Just mucking about.

I think I’ll spend today on being smart and thinking up some solutions. Like know what to wear when. What to cook when.

Hmm, this doesn’t leave much room for the spirit of Frau Holle I was raving about. Doing what I want to do whenever I want to do -craftwise- and enjoying life. There’s just no time!



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