Illustration: sketching for Serious Request

I’ve started sketching for a charity my friend Nelleke is organizing with her divers association Hippocampus. It’s about reducing the number of children who die from diarrhea. wikipage in english here

I’m sketching on the cover of small notebooks with my pencil. Later on I will ink the sketches with black ink and a white pen. On Sunday I will bring the booklets over to her and we’ll knit for a bit.
I’m trying to think up funny images for people who like to spend their time underwater.



The strange thing is: I find this one of the most enjoyable activities I know. Still I have procrastenated beyond believe!
I’m sure there’s some psychological reason behind it. Fear of failing. Fear of shutting down possibilities once you settle on a course or design. snore! It doesn’t matter
What matters is that I’ve smiled about it.
And that I am illustration right now, having a lovely time!

Ps. Do wash hands before illustrating. The second notebook will be mine as I’ve left greasy fingerprints on the cover and the carton soaked them right up. That’s ok, it’s a nice canvas to try out the white pen and my black ink.


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