Sleep: more questions

My sleep research prompts more questions:

– might it not be a cortisol peak but actually slowed down adrenaline clearance?
– I found a handfull of other people with this sleep pattern (sleep for fourandahalf to five hours then lie wide awake for two). We all share the MAO A mutation that hinders adrenaline clearance.
– all medicine I take that help me somewhat to sleep through the night are things that calm down the nervous system (ns) and give the parasympathetic nervous system (psns) a chance to dominate. The medicines I refer to are Valerian, natural progesteron cream (npc), polynosan, ketogenic diet and a low stress life. Does my sleep all come down to psns not getting the time of day?
– I routinely run checks through the day and find my body in a state of alertness. A dominant sympathetic nervous system (sns) certainly is my problem. Has been so all my life. Are there more things to do to combat this state of Fight or Flight? All I employ now are: npc, deep breathing, mental hygiene, relaxation, no sugar or insuline spikes. I have not found other remedies on the internet yet.
– not getting a full nights sleep certainly robs me of the customary growth hormone surge during REM stage. Ofcourse you get a fatgued body from that.
– has mainting body temperature got somethingto do with it? I had an unusual long first stint last night, 5,5 hours, and I brought a steaming hot water bottle with me. It’s still warm when I wake. Usually it’s luke cold by then. I do have temperature problems, waking up in a sweat and not being able to fall asleep for the second stint untill I cool down.

I write this from my bed, on my iPad, hoping to get my second portion of sleep soon.
But first I need to shake some annoyances I have. I keep grumbling over some remarks someone made. I think they are stupid, those remarks. Too general, too much wanting the world to be an easy place. These persons just blurt out their wisdom without aknowledging that I am dealing with a problem less than 7 percent of insomiacs have. They do not aknowledge me. But instead of dismissing the remarks I keep rehashing them.

Rehashing is very classical insomnia behaviour. Guess I should be grateful I join the 93%!
It’s so unproductive. One shouldn’t rehash at all at night.
I better direct my thoughts towards an interesting design problem. Or go on a meditative journey.

But just for the record of grumblings, that beautiful book full of dog ears and spit stains: another person came by pointing me to segmented sleep and how that used to be natural to man. Without conversation, they just dumped the link in my lap. Making me spend time looking it up and reading it. Time and energy I don’t have! Because contrary to any sleep pattern that might be natural to man I have a sleep pattern that prevents my body from healing, as illustrated by my eroding health.
You insensitive twat.
Then I got free advice on sleep hygiene (have a dark room, no tv, no coffee etc.)
Thank you.


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