Illustration: 2 small ones

After two weeks of yearning I found one hour this afternoon to draw. Initially I wanted to pencil and ink a drawing of the cat of my friend Lieneke. She has a Turkish Van, Mimi. Beautiful! And so funny.

But that didn’t work out.
Instead I inked two drawings I did earlier.



It’s so weird all the things that have to be right for me to start illustrating. Which is one of the nicest things I know how to do.
But there has to be peace. And time. No to-do list. No cats or husband distracting me. Some other things. Weird…

The last time I drew was a couple of weeks back, i did not have the cleaning media with me. The ink got stuck in the “collar” of the brush. That’s a sure way to ruin your brush fast.


After this I cleaned it, with the ink soap. I hope it’s all right.
I used the sable-synthetic blend. I like it best. Next time I’ll buy some 100% sable and see how that works for me. The Kolinsky seems to be too much for me.

Well, I hope to brush some more soon. I see having pencilled sketches ready works well for me so I’ll try and make some in an unclaimed minute.

(I don’t have much of those. It’s still pretty much every day living like a vegetable aside from twice one hour uptime. That’s for dressing, showering, cooking, the lot. I really hate my life at the moment.)
(of course this is pms-week…)


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