Playing with the brushes

I played some more, just now. I had 20 minutes or one cup of tea. And no worries.

I tried out the different small sizes on my drawings for Little Red Riding Hood ideas.

There were a few I don’t like. Their tip doesn’t stop and start very well, they give ugly and unpredictable blotches on the paper. Or the hairs are too floppy, making it impossible to get a line varying in thickness. The 301 Golden Synthetic and the 313 Synthetic are not for me. The 33 Pure Kolinsky was acceptable. I forgot to try out the 22 Kolinsky Designer because I was smitten with the 401 Red Sable Synthetic blend and drew all my pencilsketches with that:

I really like this Rosemary & Co 401 #2. It’s a sable/synthetic blend. The point behaves really well, I can do some of my Sumi-é strokes with it. I can get character when just doing a frivolous line. I like it.
It is playful but also a good technical tool, just what I need.


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