meaningful life day 1…

Today and the last two days I’ve been back to really having only one hour of up time per day. One hour to sit at my desk, to walk in the woods, to sew a dress, play with ink, visit a friend, have a shower, cook some food. Make a choice please.

On Saturday I was too ill to go and buy apple tree. I made an apple-upside-down-tartin instead. WIth some apples from our own trees. (They yielded about 5 apples each this year, for the first time).

On Sunday…. I sat at my desk and wrote a couple blogposts.

Today, Monday, I made another apple tartin and I made hot breakfast (egg yolk with mushroom in butter and cocos fat)

That’s all I can do. The rest of the day I have to lay on the couch, take things easy. (I do make cups of tea and I do remember to visit the loo. So there’s that.)

It is my body that needs the rests .My brain is active. I’ve thought about that cage of Faraday I want to build, how to adjust the frame. The frame is made from flexible hoops and I need some sort of device to keep them in an oval shape. I’ve decided to use nice woven bands for that. Not just boring string or black straps. No, colourful woven straps like the ones used in costume dress. It will make my Faraday cage a nice, female thing. A friendly space to spend time in. I already have the bands, bought long ago.

I only need an hour of uptime to actually play with it and try it out.

This morning I woke up with plans for an R2D2 costume. Well, the plan was to knit a hat. And from that sprung the idea of a dress. An R2D2 inspired dress. Over breakfast tea I doodled a bit and had good fun.


I could do with an hour of up time to figure out the knitting pattern. Or sketch that dress for real.

From R2D2 I obviously ventured into crossideas such as Little Red ZombieD2. Wouldn’t that be fun?! If I just had an hour to sharpen my brain on that one.

I chose to stay with my usual costume/arty designing pleasure based on solely Red Riding Hood. I doodled some more, throwing things around.


Oh, how I wish for a few hours up time to make a bag or a shawl using some of these fun ideas! One has been in my mind for years now, I even bought all the supplies for it long ago. I only need a few hours….


I only had one hour today of up time (and I used it on a tasty apple tartin) I did none of these things. I am resting.

But I am telling myself I have a meaningful life on this Monday. Because I flexed my brain and had fun playing around with some of my fascinations and explore their many layers of meaning. I still need a bit more convincing but I am sure I’ll get there today: I had a meaningful life today and yesterday and Saturday too.

Tomorrow I’m making soup… and perhaps I get to play with my brushes. Later on in the week I want to walk to a neighbourhood street, there’s a wild apple tree there, I’d love to get some more apples. Then I’ll have to drive into town to buy pastry too, for the tartin. I might even drive to the apple nursery and get those apple trees I’ve been wanting for 3 years now. It’s a two hour round trip, I could do it. Could even plant them, perhaps. Or not go but dig the holes, they need digging anyway. Also, the fall raspberries need chopping down, for next year. Or I might take my car and drive to Fiberrachel, one hour from here? Would love to see her.

Yes, there’s still a bit of a problem here. I want too many things. My brain is not half as fatigued as my body is.

Then I had to lay down.


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