My Health: strategies for high cholesterol

My cholesterol is high. Total 7,4; LDL 5,5 and HDL 1,3

The body produces cholesterol for a number of things, with good reason. Hormones are made from cholesterol. Cholesterol transports stuffs from and to organs for repairs. Cholesterol is like White Van Men on the motorway.

pic by Sindy Daruka

Unfortunately so is their driving skills… Especially LDL is a kind of cholesterol that tends to bump into walls and have deplorable engines. They break down and their carcasses stick to the walls of arteries, clogging them up. HDL tries to suck up this debris whenever it passes it, but you don’t have much of those driving around.

Ideally you have about one DHL van for every four LDL. But most people do not have an ideal body. I have one DHL van for nearly every six LDL plonker and that’s only because my HDL level is fairly good.

I’d like to better those odds. To do this I’ve gathered some snippets of cholesterol information:

Only about 20-40% of your cholesterol levels are dependent from what you eat. And the fat or protein you eat has zero influence on it. It is the carbohydrates, the sugar. Because insulin is a trigger for LDL. You see, sugar in your blood is such a poison that your body brings out the big guns, insulin, to get rid of it ASAP. Don’t care where it goes, just get it out of the blood!
Here, stuff it into cells, pronto! Convert it to fat because that way we can stuff more sugar into a cell. There, stuff it into LDL. They may be faulty vans but at least it will get the poison sugar moving away from the scene. Move!

pic by Debbie Schiel

Cholesterol wouldn’t be a problem at all if it wasn’t for the sticking-to-artery-walls and breaking down those dumb LDL vans do. This is plaque. It also contains salts and calcium. This plague gets stiff, making the arteries stiff. With clogged up, stiff arteries comes great risk. Some plague may crumble and tumble down the artery until it hits a bottle neck (caused by other plague or by the artery becoming very small like in your brain). Your little plague boulder stems the blood flow. But your heart doesn’t stop pumping. Pressure rises. The artery may rupture…

Another thing about cholesterol: it is retained in bile. This bile moves through the intestines and is soaked up again, together with the cholesterol it contains. This way the body reuses it instead of going through the costly process of making it from scratch.

CAUSES of my high overall cholesterol are:
– my body is trying to repair itself. It has plenty of reasons, it’s been damaged for ages now, what with the hormonal imbalances, stress reactions, gluten problems and adrenal fatigue.
– my supplementing hormones which may leave my own cholesterol somewhat unused?
– low bile production and the long time it spends in the intestines, giving them plenty of time to soak up the bile again, with its cholesterol.

From this come some STRATEGIES for me to live healthy with my cholesterol:
– relax my body as much as possible. Support and soothe it at its current level of health so it doesn’t feel the need to repair so much.
– move the body more. 30 minutes a day. This will keep things flowing better. Facilitates repairs and enzyme conversions. And hormone conversions. Helps eliminate waste products. Might help avoid artery plagues or stiff walls?
– avoid all insulin surges. Have chocolate? go walk. Or vice versa.
– keep bile flowing, preferably all the way to the exit. Bile is correlated to acidity of the stomach so keep that acid. Drink vinegar, lemon juice. Eat stuffs that make you poop.

ADDITIONAL STRATEGIES for other people include:
– keep your blood pressure low. Both by low intake of salt and a mellow approach to life and to white van men driving skills in particular.
– stay away from bad fats: the ones in hardened plat fats, fast food, burned fried stuffs. Yes, that’s cookies, fries, margarine and charred BBQ’s. Instead use full fat butter, cream and steamers.

And we could always sponsor the industry and take pills to lower cholesterol. But you’ll be working against your body because it has actual reasons to want to up your cholesterol. Taking pills won’t take away the causes. But it does prevent rupturing arteries and that’s a good thing.

pic by Josh Klute

Or…. rethink the whole cholesterol thing….

Here’s a post from Peter from Hyperlipid. He refers to a study that looked at how ‘sugary’ blood people had over the last couple of months. Then they invited them back six years laters, to see how many had died. Turned out that on average 4 people had died from the 100people invited. Except those with high bloodsugar, they had 19 dead.

The women had 2 deaths normally. But the sugarlovers had 25 dead. Mostly from hearth diseases.

There was no, I repeat NO, difference in the cholesterol levels of both groups. Only and purely to their insulin lifestyle.

Sugar is poison. Including nicely wrapped sugars such as toast, jam, bread, rice, fruit, juice, sweets and cakes.

Here he refers to another study, where Norwegian doctors did angiograms of people with extremely low LDL. They too were at risk for heart disease! The doctors then took a look at what might cause it, if not cholesterol.


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