Reasoning towards a meaningfull life, part 3C: better bases for my judging

Clearly I’m not very good at judging, as you’ve read in my previous post. Really, from what I summed up there I shouldn’t be left in charge of the bathtub never mind assessing the value of the life I lead!

 pic by Fleur Suijten


Here now follow a few things I jotted down.

BETTER HABITS to install:

  • only compare and judge things worth of doing so. All other things: appreciate their existence, their intricity, without comparing or ranking them or subjecting them to standards you or they have no business with. In short: quick call before I start comparing. This new habit will probably give more quiet in the head and new views on and thoughts about the things not being compared.
  • use the free time I get from not comparing all the time to relax, to destress, to smell the roses. To play, to hang around, to just be.

 pic by Jeff Hire

BETTER SKILLS to develop:

  • the skill of not-judging. Not comparing. See the other things.
  • the skill of comparing and judging based on non-cerebral values. Not everything has to be useful, rational, logical.
  • Learn to choose based on emotions. Feel the freedom and richness that will come from that.

 pic by João Gouveia

BETTER UPBRINGING to internalize:

  • aw, just forget about it all. I’m old enough to construct a set of values of my own.
  • recognize I have an emotional bias towards receiving worded or monetary praise.I’ll need to practice actively to try and change this. The same I did with not feeling basically safe.

pic by Jane Monteith

BETTER PREMISSES to work with:

I’ll get myself a whole new set. The one I’m using is…. not very good.

I’ve got no idea yet how the new set will look. I first have to work through the whole series of this thought process I think, all 5 steps (or 8) of it. I’m also under the weather so no energy to think clearly about a new set.


 pic by Jello Fishy


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