drawing is hard!

I find it hard to draw. Just to find the time and the carefree mood is quite a challenge!
I manage about one drawing a week it seems… I try not to nag myself about that.

Whén I draw I really enjoy it.
I’ll show you some of these sketches. Mainly to remind myself that it’s all about the fun and not the ambition.
I drew some decorative cats:

an idea for “My First Cat”: cats in simple shapes, to put in one of those shape-learning things

I copied some Kay Nielsen, to get a feel for proportions, atmosphere and the joy of drawing:

took inspiration from real life when a big mean dog chased our cat higher up a tree than she’d ever been! Which isn’t hard because untill now she managed about 1 m (3ft).

all in a very nice notebook:

I take it with me everywhere but like I said, I find it hard to find the right moment to sit down and draw. Sometime “in between” serves me best…
There’re also some health issues flaring up which make my usable time per day about…. one hour? One hour for everything from cooking to cleaning to taking care of the body. The rest of the time I recline and knit and simmer…
But I didn’t want to bore you or me with the specifics of everyday struggle.

I also designed a vector drawing from a picture from a dog of a friend of mine. Meet Lex the Border Terrier.
I cut the vector into a card using a Cameo Silhouette. This takes so much more time than just thinking out the plan! I hate when like is like that, when executing is more tiresome then imagining it ;)
Lovely to work on, I quite like all the technical and spatial challenges that come with a thing like this. And I know Lex in real life, which is a great inspiration.

For another friend I made this:
An October Autumn cat to say hello :)

I messed up with the glue, it warped the paper. Pfff. There’s always something. This life is SO SLOW to progress.




One thought on “drawing is hard!

  1. I really like your cat shapes! And drawing from paintings is not such a bad idea perhaps less intimidating that drawing real 3D objects?

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