Zinc, sunk, sunken.

pills to rectify my Zinc deficiency are releasing Copper into my bloodstream. This is poiseneous and my body reacts to that. I’ve had a couple of bad nights and now i’m back at 30% functionality.
I’ve managed to cook foods, vacuum the living room and do one laundry. I had to cancel all apointments this week including a test drive for a small car for me to combat the isolation I live in in this cabin. I’ve not been able to take a shower for quite some days now. And it is 4 AM at night and again I am awake, burning the cortisol I need to awake in the mroning.

It is a logical reaction to the Zinc. A healthy one too, as Copper excess is not good. So are “they” saying.
I’ll continue to take Zinc but at a much lower dosage.

For now I have to consent to this set back. I’ve had a big cry over it.
Brainfog is here again too, I’m carrying around my books but have not opened them.

Two, no three good things:
1. I’ve found two sites whit forums where people have the same reactions. Curezone.com and risingphoenix or phoenixrising. There has been new information since I last searched for fellow ill people and I am happy to see there are now people listing the same weird symtpoms as I have and interesting discussion about them. One about why showering can be debilitating (low functioning thyroid can’t cope with change of heat) and a few other people who have my sleep pattern (awake with cortisol peak after 5 hours of sleep)
2. I have ordered a genome typing kit. Knowing about some genes might tell me about some enzyme pathways that are not fuctioning properly. I already found zomeone who’s done this and has earily similar symptoms and a falthy gene code to account for it. Look for Gestalt’s info at risingpheonix. It is a COMM (cont?) sequence. In a couple of weeks time I can use my nightly energy peak for some enzyme puzzle research.
3. Having to cancel appointments released me of the need to take a shower for social benefits,..
(There was another third reason but I forgot it)

Ps. O yes this was it: I did some gardeing. Plans are still on their way. I have not lost the battle against ground elder in one particular spot of geranium this year.


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