Wearing Inner Beauty on the Outside

I have a lying mirror. Lots of people own one. It shows only one side of you and it pinpoints ugly things. Especially things you cannot help such as pimples, crooked hair, crooked ears or overall you-ness.

As it brings me down to see I’m no perfect princess I tend not to look too much into the mirror. It is a handy tool for checking your teeth for spinach or your face for ‘stuff’. But beyond that it’s a lying piece of bling and I do my best not to let it impose upon my self confidence. I rather chat ignorantly away with my hair all wonky than hide inside with the curtains closed. Besides, what friend cares if your hair looks wonky? They notice, they forget.

A lying piece of bling. Fancy tool for checking your teeth for spinach.

I only know what my face looks like from the front, in a mirror. I did make a short movie with my iPad once, to see how my face looks from the side. I’d seen so many weird photo’s that I was really curious for the ‘real me’. I was shocked. I have a very big nose. And stupid hair. And a stupid silhouette. And I’m going bald. People should not make movies of themselves.

Since then the mirror shows what I know I’ll see: a big sharp nose and a lean, scrawny face. Much like a bird. I have high cheek bones that point into the world. They sit on top of two cute apple red cheeks but when I’m having a bad day those apples sink away into my face. Leaving those sharp cheekbones poking out. Oh, and there’s a distinctive jaw at the bottom, just to underline where all the health should’ve been in this face.

Hello CFS….could I have my apple cheeks back please?

then this week…. somebody over at Ravelry.com wrote me a single line:

“You know you look like Audrey Hepburn, yes?”


“No really. Look. This is you. I can’t see Hepburn because I see Anna in a cowl:”

audry hepburn


pointy nose check not much flesh on the cheeks check smiling eyes check …..

Somebody else chimed in: “Yes! It’s true! I can’t believe I didn’t notice this before!” 

Well, flabber me gasted!

this is no longer the bird face you’re looking for in the mirror! 

Not only the mirror lies but so do our brains.

Mine says: “big pointy nose + scrawny bird face = ugly!

Hepburns says: “pointy nose + lean face = beauty!  Just add a little style, baby!”

audry hepburn Mark Shawpic by Mark Shaw, 1954

Yes, miss Hepburn!

So that’s what I did.

I went to the hairdresser (before al this brought it together) and she gave some pointers. (“keep hair out of face to balance that jaw; put it upwards ’cause you’re bright eyed; cut it like this because it’s thin”). She sold me a jar of ‘product’ that turned out to be very expensive bubblegum you put in your hair (kids these days!).

Then I put on my city clothes in nice bright colours, added some sheer lipstick, put on some comfortable heels and I’ve been happy with myself and how I look for four days in a row now. My posture has changed, I move ‘taller’, I breathe better. I move more elegant (I’m a Hepburn now, after all) and I enjoy it immensly. I still look the same like I did last week of course but somehow I think of myself no longer as a big nosed scrawny bird face but as an Audrey Hepburn. It shows. Something from inside is shining to the outside.

Take that, mirror! You’re back on spinach duty! And lipstick.

where’s the credit for the Hepburn pics? pinterest doesn’t do credit.


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