no need to stick a fork in me

went to the guy on Monday, he is an acupuncture therapist in the school of Penzel. Acupuncture massage, all the meridians on the body are followed with a pencil with a small bulb on it, pressing into the skin.

it’s very big in Germany, with over 5000 professionals administering it.

like I said, my GP thought it might work for me.

It was a nice visit. Quite esoteric, a light building with lots of wooden fixtures and with wall paintings in friendly colours and blooming spring branches in hand thrown vases.

The guy was friendly and he knew his business. I explained about my sensitivities and he opted for a lighter treatment, not the one that pushes the body. He stroked all my meridians with the pen, I could sense how some worked for me and others didn’t. Some activated my body and it tensed up. Others made it relax.

I voiced this and he was impressed. It was nice to skip the chit chat and talk deeper from the get go. He offered solutions that have worked for other people he knows, people that are very sensitive too and whose bodies are overwhelmed by modern life. They meditate near big crystals every day, they live in the country and they use Tibetan Singing Bowls to harmonize their energy. He really recommended that for me too, those bowls. This one guy he knows helps people with them and he’s in the same village as where my cabin is. And this other guy makes them, wonderful pieces!, and is just one village over. They are expensive mind you. But when you find the one that helps you it’s a wonderful thing!

I’ve never heard a Singing Bowl before. I do know I have no defense against sounds and do not particularly like them.

I don’t know… I felt like he invited me into the alternative circuit and spend money there. It felt like a sales pitch. From a very nice person.

Either way, he was certain this acupuncture massage would benefit me and I would recognize results within two days. After that we should talk some more and make a new appointment. “But first: go home and notice the changes in your body!”

I went home. Happily. Hope is such a nice thing to carry around, don’t you think?

Unfortunately I have sensed no changes in my body. None at all. I am tired from the trip. I balance my hormones more actively since my period’s just peaked with ovulation time. But nothing unexpected. No feeling better. No feeling worse.

I did sprain my left knee a bit Monday evening. This is the knee that I had surgery on 20+ years ago and one of the things mr. Penzel states is that bodily energy is blocked by surgeries. These blocks can be lifted. I’ve never sprained that knee in over 2 decades. The pain was un unwelcome reminder of the pain in that time.

Tuesday had me limping a bit.

Wednesday has me back to normal, kneewise. So I will not offer it up as anything to do with the treatment.

No more acupuncture massage for me, it is very clear my problems do not lie in the overall energy of my body. I maximize the little energy I have by not using much for digesting food and that’s it. No leaks, no blocks. There’s just not enough energy to begin with.

Tomorrow I’m meeting my GP again. He will write me a letter to the Adrenal Professor. That’s where I’ll go next, get my blood work checked properly and get some supervised medication. It is Addison’s. I’m done.


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