off to the city: plans

will be spending a short week in the city again. Lots of appointments, if by ‘lots’ you understand ‘one a day’.

I do want to get some work done too. There has not been much of that the last two weeks. One week I had to recuperate from the previous week in the city+period, the other week I had a visitor come by for four days in a row and spend one day making (two) phonecalls. So that was all my daily allowance of energy spend.

But this coming week I hope to do some work, regardless of the appointments I made. I’m eager to do some writing and as I’m more energized when I am in the city there’s reason for hope I can combine the two. I’ll also need to rest up more, each day, if I want to combine things. So the plan is to switch very promptly from activity to rest. ‘Power relaxing’. Or something.

I will actively inject 45 minutes of resting here and there across the day. A new approach to the day. More like a schedule.

There has to be one in the morning and one in the afternoon. And my regular rest around noon. So that’s the plan: to keep an eye on the clock and check with myself: did I get my mornings rest already? And no slouching behind the computer. Either be active or be resting. Don’t let the hours run through your fingers.

Either be active or be resting:


in other news: I found an endocrinologist who is willing to go on a quest with each and every patient. He doesn’t turn a patient away just because she has adrenals that still work somewhat (“sorry lady, it’s not classic Addison’s, you must be healthy, bye”)

Unfortunately the good doctor was in a traffic accident last weekend and will be healing his bones and concussion for the next two months… And he doesn’t take on new patients anyway. Two problems I will surpass in time, I hope.

In the mean time I have mustered up the courage to dive into traditional mono focused medicine once more. I want to make sure I am not wrecking my adrenals with the low dose hydrocortisone I’m taking. Nor my bones since osteoporose is a side effect of that medicine.

I’ll be visiting the Adrenal Centre in Nijmegen in about a month and a half. Hopefully we can discuss my case there. The professor was willing to make an appointment anyway.

I found a patient survey of theirs which collects patients experiences. Typically a patient presents himself to the doctor with vague complaints of fatigue and the doctor doesn’t think to check the adrenals. Without exception that patient will return to the doctor one day in an adrenal crisis and has to be rushed to hospital, by then having full blow Addison’s.

At the moment I suspect that I have remained in this pre-Addison’s state and have warted off adrenal crises by changing my life style so dramatically. It’s a working theory.

Since doctors seldom see and recognize someone in that pre-stage I wonder how the appointment will go. In any case I have to navigate the traditional pit falls of a meeting between a doctor who has to come up to speed with a new case then and there and is trained to look for certain symptoms and a patient who already has a lot of knowledge and has done things to avoid the classic symptoms. For example: people with Addison’s typically loose weight. Because eating makes you nauseous (because of low stomach acidity and low digestion function)

As my clinical symptoms started with malnutrition and grey, floating bowel movements back in 2009 that’s the first thing I solved. I take stomach acidifiers and I eat very little, very high density food. (egg yokes, full cream butter, fat meats, offal, chocolate, avocado, mackarel, vinegar, ginger, baby lettuce, mineral supplements)

As I have a fat based diet I have regained weight and look healthy. I lay down after one hour has passed after eating to concentrate all bodily energy for digestion and the take up of nutriënts. This works. But I better actively tell the doctor about all of that so he can assess my physical appearance correctly.

I plan to make clear early in the conversation how I approach this: as an engineer.

I do not need the doctor to comfort me or hold my hand, I want to solve this puzzle, together. I hope to avert the impression that I am a hysteric “woman of a certain age” which is probably an impression I make when people meet me first, especially when I’m engaged because the topic interests me. And because I know I need to get to the chase fast because soon my energy will run out. Breathe. There is time. Give the doctor time to consider.

Also: mustn’t mention that I’m open to all angles including the very alternative. As an engineer I follow results, not theories. I have no bias against this or that theory and when a far fetched theory gets me a result I embrace it. The result that is, not the theory per sé (I think people often fall short in their thinking)

these are results I got even though they may come from far fetched theories:

  • homeopathic pills Polynosan by dr.Vogel will work each and every time against my dust (mite) sensitivities. It will stop sneeze attacks. Every. Time. (only the pills though, not the alcohol based polynosan)
  • I wear a necklace with ionized salt every day. When I do not wear it I get tired quicker and more severe. Also when I forget to wear it and only notice so at night. (can’t explain it other than: my electrolytes are off and electro potential among the cells is askew. Perhaps the salt in my pendule echos a bit of that.)
  • sjamanic ritual to return a soul part I had stolen from someone (able to leave the emotions about that person in the past)
  • using body resistance to find out what supplement my body craves (lithium, the food supplement)
  • shedding body burdens through self hypnosis
  • undergoing rituals to convince my sub consciousness it was safe and deserved to be so.
  • dr.Kwasnieuwski’s Optimum Diet
  • artificial sweetners and colourings in food (they are no good)
  • osteopaths (only short term results)
  • Hapkido using the meridians and accupuncture points (enhanced sensitivity, not a good idea)


trials I ran with alternative theories that yielded no results:

  • other homeopathic products
  • Back flower remedies
  • electric acupuncture
  • cleaning your house of spirits
  • aura cleaning
  • witchcraft
  • reiki
  • raw food
  • paleo diets
  • dr. Budwig diet
  • land lines
  • orthomoleculair doctor

Ha! Tomorrow I am visiting a man that revives the energy tracks in the body by canceling out road blocks along the meridians. Mostly caused by surgery scars. I am aware that this reeks of the second batch I mentioned above. But it’s my gp that suggested this. He had some patients that got results.

I have not expectations and I am willing to try.

So tomorrow me and my knitting will hop in a train and go see this man. He may give me back some energy. I doubt he can solve the underlying problem (which is a mechanical fault somewhere) but anything that allows me better use of the little energy I have is very welcome. Back in 2010 I was at 20% functionality. I’d lay in bed and could get through the day barely. By changing diet, living surroundings and mind I got to use my energy better and now I’m able to do about 40% of the life a normal healthy person has. If he can optimize the use of my energy even more, say to 50%, I’d be so happy.

side news: I ate a wheat roll last Wednesday, to celebrate our marriage anniversary. Now my tummy hurts and it drains energy. I will never eat gluten again! The energy I use to live my life with is the energy that normal people pour into their digestion. There’s a lot to be gained there.


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