getting a gift

last Saturday I was at a wool gathering and there was a woman with felted fleece rugs. I kneeled down and ran my hands through the locks. We got to talking, celebrating felt and wool and women felting.

I briefly ran away to get my felted Sheep bag to show her and she was delighted: (pardon the cat)

we talked some more, she zoomed in on my illness and we talked how good wool is for the ill. It soothes, it protects, it warms, it connects you with nature. It was a lovely talk.

Soon afterwards I went to find my friends to go home. The lady came after me and gave me…. on of her rugs. The most beautiful there was! her favourite Ouessant!

I was stunned! She made this by hand and it took hours and hours and it had quite the price tag on it and she gave it to me. We didn’t even know each others name!

As you know by now, it doesn’t take much for my blood presssure to plummet and a nice gift will do that in a heartbeat. So I said: “Excuse me” and flopped down on the floor. I was embarrased of course and I nervously explained a bit about adrenals and blood pressure.

She did the most amazing thing: she put the fleece under my head AND SAT DOWN BESIDE ME. To chat a bit. As if it was totally normal that a person drops to the floor when something nice happens. As if I am not a freak who cannot handle normal life.

It was so heart warming, I could cry. Which didn’t do my blood pressure any good so I had to lay down for a bit longer. We had a lovely chat.

Later I went home with this hug in the form of a handfelted fleece. It lays on my couch now, where I spend lots of time. I feel so encouraged by this tactile gesture by a complete stranger that this week I started my search for a specialist who can handle my case of adrenal failure combined with ‘women issues’ aka progesteron shortage. So that I do not have to do this alone any more, wondering every day if I am doing enough or if I’m doing too much and am destroying my body.

It’s amazing to know that I am the sort of person that you can talk to and who is so likeable that you give her something you made with your own two hands and were asking good money for. It is such a boost for me to know I am such a person, even when I am as ill as I am and am white as a sheet, forget my words, stand there trembling, mumbling and confusing myself and others. A shadow of a human most hours of the day but when talking about wool, something shines trough. Something connects.

This lady, she gives felting workshops to do exactly that: celebrate the human connection. thank you Maria, for this gift :)


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