dealing with my fat problems

I’m back in the cabin now, after a week in the city. I’ll need to rest up from that the coming week(s). I’m also really looking forward to getting some work done on my 5 jobs. That one hour after breakfast each morning will be my goldmine.

This week I’ll also have my period so today is dedicated to preparing fot that: taking a shower and prepare enough back up food for a couple of days. (there’s a cooked steak with lots of fat in the fridge already and I prepared gluten free mozzarella muffins two days ago. I’ll eat those with ful fat butter. Just have to boil 10 eggs today for 5 days of breakfast and prepare mentally for cooking another steak 3 days from now.)

Shower and eggs, that will be today filled then. Luckily I was able to vacuum yesterday so the cabin feels alright.

One of the things I did last week was checking in with our family doctor. I’d like a referral to an endocrinologist to up my hormone replacement regime and get more fit than I am now. It feels I have accomplished all I can do on my own at this moment, what with my low carb high fat diet, progesteron management, supplements, life style, mental outlook. He asked a few days to research my case and we spoke on the phone Thursday.

Dr.: yes, I am calling you to talk about referral to a specialist.

me: yes, hello.

Dr.: you have a big fat problem!

me: what?! [World shifts. Thoughts tumbling. Short burst of panic is followed by possible implications: does this mean my liver is in trouble? I nééd that organ to synthesize the hydrocortisone! Is it my diet? Should I revert back to a starch based diet, endangering my sensitive blood sugar system? O my god, have I been destroying my body?!]

Dr.: yes.

me, defeated: please explain…

Turns out I do not have a problem with fats. I just have a funny doctor.

He likes to talk hip with the young ones.

There’s a big fat problem with finding a specialist that will look at the human body as a whole system and not as a mechanical equation where we have to find and fix the one thing broken.

Any endocrinologist I’ll meet will listen to my story, make me do quite a brutal test only to confirm that my adrenals are still present and are not shot completely. Thus I do not have Addison’s disease. Thus I must be healthy.

Well. Let me think about that…

we did talk a bit more about hydrocortison and cortisol. If you take to much you run the risk of adrenal suppression. This occurs when you take 20 to 30 mg per day. I’m on 10 mg per day with a little bit extra when circumstances warrant. We agreed I can go to 15 mg per day. Just monitor monitor monitor. Without blood panels I have to work with signals my body gives. Luckily I am very sensitive.

It also means I have to carry emergency cortisol on my body all the time. When I get in a car crash or something I need to take 30 mg instantly, just to cover the (bodily) stress. Medical personel will not believe I need cortisol which is a steroid, it is such a rare occasion. This makes me a bit scared to go out in the world. But I sooth my nerves with statistics: how often have I been in car crashes before? that’ll tell me what is to be expected.

(I used the same technique to feel save at night in my bed, with thoughts of burglars, arsonists and comets coming crashing through the roof)

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