Thursday morning: another good day

once again I slept through the night. I cannot tell you what bliss that is. My body is rested. Today will work for me!

progesteron pills

part of what ensures a good nights rest with me is supplementing enough of the hormone I’m missing: progesteron. It’s the first hormone used in the cascade of hormones your adrenals make that will lead to life giving stuffs like testosteron, estrogens, cortisol and a whole myriade of other powerful hormones. Every human needs all of those to keep their body working.

Women make a surplus of progesteron in their ovaries. Men only make progesteron in their adrenals. Once women get to menopause -or, in this world, once they get at age 25- their ovaries don’t make progesteron every month. This has big repercussions for the balance of the whole system. In menopause the adrenals take over but for that to work the production of estrogen has to be lowered too.

Since progesteron is the anti-matter of estrogen it is needed to keep it in balance. Estrogens are not only made in the adrenals but also in fat cells (which is why voluptuous women have less complaints about lack of estrogens and its signs such as brittle hair, dry skin and brittle bones)

Without progesteron to balance it estrogen will make your breast hurt in the days before your period, it has to do with receptors on the cells screaming for progesteron whilst estrogen -a growth stimulating hormone just like testosteron- makes the milk ducts swell and swell. It will also give you PMS from hell (this has to do with brain chemistry where there also are lots of receptors and not enough hormones to go around)

PMS from hell

I’m supplementing. With body identical progesteron which is a synthetically made molecule that cannot be patented. Because things in/from nature cannot be patented. Producers love to patent things because then it is yóurs to sell. So they’ve gone and made lots of molecules that resemble human hormones but are not quite the same. Those are the hormones found in anti-conception pills, Minerva and most Hormonal Replacement Therapy

These are the hormones that produce side effects such as bloating, trombosis and messed up brain chemistry. Because it is not a molecule identical to what your body’s used to work with. Get smart people. You can’t cheat at molecular level.

Bio-identical hormones are on the market though and your doctor can find them but he’s probably not used to it and may need some support and/or nagging. Taking the progesteron is one thing (btw, it is not found in plants or things such as estrogens are, estrogens can be found in soy, plastics and pesticides)


NPC by Serati

Taking the right dose is the other thing. A human needs about 10 mg per day. But to get 10 mg in your system you have to consider the way of delivering. I usually have an over the counter cream. But in the second part of my cycle, when the body needs more, I take pills. They contain 100 mg per pill. Because the liver filters out most of it. Which burdens the liver. Which worries me.

How do I know I have the right dose? Blood sampling is no good here because there are differences between how much progesteron is in you blood or is in your tissues. I go by clinical symptoms. Not enough? I get worried, jittery, panicky and soar breasts. Too much? I get sleepy, drowsy, mellow. Catch22? it takes about one hour for the pill to dissolve and the hormones stay in my system for about 12 hours with a peak at hour 5.

The same goes with cortisol: it takes 45 minutes for the hydrocortisone to dissolve and be converted by my liver into cortisol. Because I take such small doses (1 or 2 mcg) the effect lasts about 3 hours. I have to take a new dose every 2 hours. Take not enough? I get tired, desperate, my body collapses. Take too much? I’m superwoman ánd am destroying my adrenals. Catch22? I cannot take it when I’m asleep which accounts for me not being able to get out of bed and I’m probably destroying my adrenals anyway.


photographer Belovodchenko Anton

Well, since cortisol is also made out of progesteron I ride the last of the prog. wave in the morning and I wake up refreshed. With just enough cortisol in my body to get out of bed, make it downstairs to tea, breakfast and the first cortisol dose of the day. And the day time progesteron pill. In this fase of my cyclus I take two of those, one in the morning and one at night. After about 7 hours I need to supplement with cream though/

Today I may have taken a bit too much cortisol this morning since I am positively rambling on here. And I had pumpkin-bacon-ginger-orange peel-rice flour-muffins which are a bit more blood sugar spiking than my usual two egg yokes with sour cream, vinegar and mustard… cortisol makes me hungry.

Anyway, today still looks good for work. I’m going to be a designer today.


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