A Good Days Work: designer

Today I worked on some shawlpins.

I had some in various stages and I worked on those. And I made one from scratch for a friend who loves to get a green sheep. She has a business with that name.

She commissioned it. But I kind of want to give it to her. Because I like her. And she bought two already.

I won’t show them here because I want to sell them on Etsy and designs get stolen so fast over the internet. Just one Pinterest pin away…

The silly thing is, I haven’t gotten them on Etsy yet because I sell them here in the Netherlands to friends (of friends) as fast as I can make them. So that’s silly. But a sillyness I’m not solving right now.

Today was quite a rollercoaster with me either flopping down and wanting to cry or being full of zest and chocolate. Now the evening has started and I have quietened down a bit. And just now, while I looked out of the window into our patch of wood, I got all kinds of Landscape designer ideas. So I got my notebook from Monday and jotted them down.


This happened because I got my head around an important thing: this is not a garden. So stop dreaming about flowers, vegetables, lifestock. Start thinking about what is special about a forest. Take that and make it bigger.

and that’s what I did. Now I’m dreaming of treehouses and good hedgerows on the north side and forest foods and more places for animals to live.

Funny how that job was still running in the back of my mind. It took no effort at all and the ideas that popped up really make me feel alive and creative. Now I better take what’s left of that buzz and get a shower. That usually wears me out.

Tomorrow and next week will be different. Visitors arrive here tomorrow and next week I’ll spend in the city. Away from the forest and probably Landscaping plans. There are appointments every day (doctor stuff and friends to felt with) so we’ll see if I get any work done. The location does appeal to the designer, the writer and the artist in me so I’ll bring paper and pens and computers. Bye.


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