Wednesday morning: looking good

slept 12 hours straight, got up in a civilized way, ready for work.

Just a few things left to do (breakfast, wash face) and then I’m ready to go to work. Today I’ll be your science writer and dive into the world of bacteria.


This is what I did yesterday:

I knitted the white part, it took all day. Look at that shaping! It suggests I have a beautiful body.

I know, the yarn may distract you a bit. It does say ‘handmade’ fairly strongly. That’s because that’s the style I chose for this sweater, it’s a sentimental piece. This yarn is made from fleece I handclipped myself from a rare Dutch  breed of sheep back in 2008 and than handspun by me in 2009, one of the very first yarns I ever spun. A single at that, which is scary for new spinners.

The look of this yarn may play into the conviction of a lot of people who associate handmade goods with poor or cheap people. They are so wrong!

  1. Handmades take hours and hours of dedication, making them a tangible item of love.
  2. Handmade clothing is custom made clothing. The fit is splendid and better than machine made clothes who have to cater to the common denominator of the public (being nobody in particular).
  3. You would not accuse a business man in a tailor made suit of being a cheapskate, now?

Just look at the shaping of my sweater. From top to bottom, it curves right in after it has passed my breast, suggesting a waist. (which I do not have by the way; downwards from my bossom is pretty much straight: no waist, no hips). It is skill on my part to make this knitwear follow my curves and enhance their look.

It looks flattering, much better than storebought sweaters that often hang straight down from the breasts like this:

Seashell Sweaterno shaping whatsoever.

If you have a body like mine (small with big breasts) and wear a sweater like this you’ll look like:


with feet.


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