Tuesdaymorning, crinkled.

I have arrived downstairs, tea stands next to my MacBook.

but there is no zizzle yet. No luring of one of my other 4 jobs. Not one popped into my head, dominating the day. I am a bit crinkled, like an old newspaper. Both outside and inside my head.

I will stew some longer, get properly awake first, have breakfast. Then I will browse the various inspirations for my jobs to make my decision.

I will read in my bacteria-logbook. I think about bacteria lots of times, every time I wash my hands for example. I seldom use soap because the act of rubbing gets rid of most bacteria anyway.

I will look at some art that inspires the spirit for natural things. I will look out my window and feel the connection I have with the nature that’s everywhere around this little wooden box I live in.

art by Amanda Clark

I will look at some art that inspired me when I was at the art academy:

work by anna

I will pick up my tools and metals to see if I want to be a designer today:

I will look at my knitting notebook that needs replacement. to see if I want to be a graphic designer today:

detail roze

but first, tea.


UPDATE: I did get started after breakfast and made a choice. I even doodled a hare on a piece of paper. But then my body demanded attention and now I’m on the couch, felled after the bathroom break. My bowels hurt and my bp has plummeted. It will take a little bit over an hour to recuperate. So murderous videos and simple knitting it is! I’ll just reverse the schedule, normally I rest an hour around noon. Let’s see if I can get another go at my job around noon, after resting.


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