Monday morning, getting ready for first day on the (first) job

yes, I’m here. Downstairs, tea at hand. I slept through the night so today will be a good day! (I managed sleeping through by not having a blood sugar pike yesterday and supplementing progesteron before bed and taking anti-dust mite precautions)(and by not stressing yesterday)

I jumped out of bed, ready to be a landscape engineer today. Take survey of our patch of wood and meadow and make plans. Funny because yesterday I was utterly convinced that I would be making sjamanic nature drawings today.


Anyway, there’s no international equivalent of this job. In Holland it’s called ‘Stedenbouw’ which marries Urban Planning, Architecture, Engineering and Landscape Designing. It’s a Masters, Master of Science. It’s what I was trained to do.

We are a densely populated country and we loooove to regulate things. You cannot fart without a permit over here. Really, this is a country of tradesmen and administrative folk. This field of work really thinks we can plan and shape the whole world around us and that it will be a better world for it. It is where housing is concerned: it takes a bit of planning to provide everybody with a roof, a toilet and a parking space.

And we do need some administrative muscle to secure patches of ‘undisturbed’ nature in this filled up country.

But for the rest it is ridiculous. Urban architects draw plans at their desk, plans in which people actually have to live. The architect’s results are hindered by a misunderstanding construction crew, a lack of funds from officials, a lack of consensus in politics and a lack of imagination on the designers part. But they all feel the need to cóntról everything. Patches of land cannot be ‘undetermined’ because…. because…. evil! and zombies!

Well, ‘undetermined’ worked fine for our patch of wood. When we just came here we did some things like bring down a few trees to bring some sunlight to the forest ground and we made some gradiënts (between meadow and forest) and height differences in the meadow to allow for various habitats. And we left all the piles of woods lying around to offer roaming spaces for little birds and mammals. It brought us wildlife. Recently even a barn owl!

If today is indeed my Landscape Engineering day I will post results later. We’ll have to wait because first I need to get from revving the starting engine to a stationary level. While standing next to my bed just a minute ago, putting on clothes and arguing with the cat that, in fact, we were bóth getting up, I was all ready to go. But now, downstairs, without even breakfast, I need to pace myself first. Get some tea, get some fuel.

But I still have a mind to put on my sturdy boots and grab a note book and go outside (it is cóld here today. snow!)



UPDATE: yes I have put on my sturdy workclothes (I lóve workmansclothes, we have all kinds here, for forest work) and am ready to move outside. Boots, noteblock, saws, everything. I think 40 minutes of work and then come inside for more warm food and cortisol.


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