having five careers


this science writing isn’t working out at the moment. I have all the information, snippets and sources about bacteria gathered. There are some gory and fascination stories to tell! Inspiration is bubbling when I just think about it. Yet I do not go sit at my desk and open my notebook and write witty things.

The reason is clear: I don’t write because I don’t paint. Obviously.

Here’s the explanation: besides being a science writer I am a visual artist. And an architect. And an illustrator. And an ecological landscape engineer. These are all actual job skills I have and love. Yet I do nothing with them. Because I cannot choose.

For years I thought I had to choose one to succeed in it. Since I cannot chose one over the other nothing got done. I tried several times but just got sad or frustrated by the things I did not do. One time, when I focused on visual arts, I think I may even have gone crazy. But maybe that’s just what it feels like when a control freak loosens up a bit.

Earlier in this blog I chose to write about bacteria and it’s a job I am looking forward too very much! But the artist in me is stirring. The illustrator is whining. The architect is mumbling. Someone else is humming. It’s a mutiny and it distracts the science writer to a point she doesn’t even wants to start.

So here’s my solution: I pick a job for each day of the week. Everybody gets a turn. And hopefully I will get something done. Some of those wonderful things that tickle.

The artist really wants to do a study into bold shapes and countershapes, based on animal figures in their surroundings. Black and white and bold colours baby!

The landscape engineer wants to get her hands dirty with the over due maintenance of our patch of wood and structure it not only for the coming year but for the years to come. There’s a clearing needed for tents; an ecological waste water treatment to be considered; some apple trees are unhappy and could be moved to a better spot but then where would the birds sit and eat their lunch? There’s an owl home to be attached to a tree. There’s lots of maintenance. The untidy woodriggs need to be moved so more animals can enjoy them. And we have a barn owl on the premises!

The illustrator wants to doodle some sjamanic lovelies. But also I’m in need of more businesslike drawings to enhance journals with. At least one because my knitting note book is almost full and I need another one. If I can produce a few I can sell them at the next wool gathering. Ah yes, I need some pop up sheep cards too, they have been at the back of my mind. And I need to bend more shawlpins for sales. And one green one for a gift in two weeks.

The architect wants to draw more of our dream house. And, eventually, this cabin has to be replaced. I have already started thinking about sun, rooms, uses.

The writer wants to write about bacteria and can finally do so.


Well, that’s the plan for this week!

I’ll let you know if/how it works.


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