98 over 68 YAY! Claim to normalcy initiated.

came across my blood pressure measuring thingie and thought: “why not?” BP is 98 over 68!!!! YAY!!!!!! it has been 90 over 60 for the past 5 years and this low pressure failed to make the nutriënts seep into my tissues (organs and such). Yes: malnutrition by low blood pressure. even when I felt better my BP never rose. Now I’ve been taking hydrocortison daily since August, basically aiding my adrenals and trying not to override them. This has paid off. I can do a bit more on most days. Still need to take horizontal breaks though, to level bloodpressure etc. And today I find out my BP is normal, while standing up! Had a bit elevated heart rate (it was 86 bpm while all my life it used to be 43 bpm and since a year or two it has risen to 60 bpm). But not to worry, I had been busy. Come to think of it, I have not been light headed when getting up for some time either. Another sign of good bloodpressure. :) So I started a sweater, with yarn directly from a sheep I know personally. I knit whilst taking my break and lying on the couch. I am wearing my felt skirt and the cat is snoring under that, between my legs. My head is filled with thoughts about bacteria and I am doing my best to divert worrysome thoughts. Basically, I just say: “no. not thinking about that. have bacteria to think about. or knitting.” (because of course I fumbled the number of stitches and have to solve all kinds of yarnie problems)(but that’s fun) hey, 98 over 68! I’m pretending I’m normal today ;)


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