happily writing

I’m happily writing away. I’m reading and studying, thinking about the articles/books that are coming to life under my hands and frankly, I’m on my way.

I’m doing what I set out to find when I started this blog: exploring a subject to occupy my mind with for the coming mid long term.

Now, when I sit in front of a window, I have a subject to dwell on. It’s lovely. There’s so much to think about. There’s lots of weird info I had no knowledge of; there are lots of weird connections my brain can make and ponder over and thirdly there are lots of ways to make the sentences and it so much fun to do so.

So, I’m happy as p…p…posh yarn.

alpacas by merlin1075


Which begs the question: do I keep on blogging here?

a. I do not feel the desire to repeat my writings about my subject here. Those are in my notebook and my head and my documents. They are not yet for other people to see.

b. Neither do I feel the need to further show who I am and how I manage my life.

c. I do like it when people like a post or comment though. I never thought like minded people would find this spot and take interest.

d. I’m amazed I found an answer to a question I had, using this blog. I still have other questions such as: how do I sleep through the night? I’ve been laying awake again, for months…

e. I dó like to show people how I think, there’s a whole side of logics to life that are undervalued. But it’s difficult to catch into words. And it would take away time and energy from microbiology.


abcde, that’s what I’m thinking about when I’m not thinking about microbiology… looking out the window

copyright by http://www.sxc.hu/profile/ktanriover


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