avoiding the S-factor.

I won’t be writing a book about cuttlefish. I won’t be writing about health either. Nor panda bears.

All three share the S-factor. They all have aspects that make it is easy to get dragged into the Sadness of it all. Cuttlefish are marvelous creatures and they can even recognize human individuals and greet them. Unfortunately their habitat and their very existence is threatened right here, in the North Sea.

The topic of Health breeds talking of illness. And writing about health -even if it’s fascinating stuff!- invites communication with people who have health questions. Because many do. For a lot of people health is still an unclear puzzle and they would like a two sentence answer please. Not the talk about the complex factors that influence each other, riddled by contradicting shout outs from media and medicine.

Panda’s are sad too. Their environment and their way of life is so threatened by humans that we’ve been warned for decades that panda’s would be extinct pretty fast. Shame on us! This promise to us has been broken but that does not make the panda less sad.

So, since I have a choice, as a writer, I chose to write about something without the S-factor. Because I can. Life has not compelled me to become a warrior for some worthy cause but I applaud the people who are. Their choice is not nobler than mine, I feel. Or perhaps I do otherwise I would not feel the need to state it here, hee hee.



I won’t succumb to the F-factor either. The way media use FEAR to get your attention? Politics do the same. Many advertisements too. PFFFFFRT! al this worrying is not necessary and not good for you. It’s pure tactics to get something from you: attention, engagement, a vote, your money. There exist just a few things in life that should install fear in you and you do not meet them often. Tigers, earthquakes, rabid dogs, rabid people, that kind of thing. All the rest is worrying. Worrying about what might come of might happen.

things that have not happened yet are less important than things around you now.


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