pyjama days for these two animals

the Pyama Squid:

Striped Pyjama Squid
photo by Dermal Denticles on Flickr, James van den Broek.

is a kind of cuttle fish and poisenous. Look at some more pictures over there!

the hovering Pyama Fly:

such a funny character! he will hang still in front of your finger, checking things out. Then he will quickly touch your finger with one paw, tag!¬†and then he will fly a few centimeters backwards to make sure everything’s fine. He’ll repeat this a few times before deciding you’re safe to land on.

He got his Dutch name “Pyjama hovering fly” from Charles de Geer, a Swede born in Holland. It is very welcomed by gardners because its larvea eat ¬†plant lice or greenfly. And because it likes to play tag.


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