wish my mama had me tested….

I started a notebook! For sketches and for thoughts. The first sketches where of a cat in the style of Bibi Bazooka.

This is the style of Naomi J Strijdonk who really put some thought into achieving this style. I’m thinking about buying the book… I do not care much for her “balloons” but I like the many round shapes and the colours and the way light is used from behind. Notice how there’s barely any dark colours? That’s a conscious choice of the artist.

In my Norway-art I always used one very dark colour to offset two lighter ones, one of them very bright. It’s nice to see another approach. Yes, I will buy the book!

so, a notebook. I felt so smug this morning, for having one, because they are so handy! You can record your thoughts. Be insipred. A notebook! Best thing today!

Then I remembered I used one all the time back when I was an architecture student. Your notebook and your camera, those where the things you always carried around. And a hipster bag, designer glasses and a yearning for quality coffee.

Later, at art academy, I carried notebooks too. Can’t think art without them. Can’t think art without drawing either.

Then, when I was ill and couldn’t think at all, I had notebooks to jot down thoughts and try and bring some structure to my search for health. The first year I had a notebook about hormones. It was as good a subject to start as any. I had such multiple problems that my premise was: just start anywhere because improving one segment will help the body as a whole. It took me one notebook and one year to find a plausible theory for my case and to do some experiments. Basically it took a year to wrap my head around hormones. (it took another 3 years to practice perfect)

The second year I had a notebook focussing on my stomach problems. I didn’t have a clue what was going on inside of me. Bran was healthy for you but it depleted my Zink which is needed for hormones. Salade is good for you but it made me so cold and tired. I just jotted down some scientific research, did some experiments on myself and tried not to have “common sense” cloud my judgement. By the end of that year I had a long list of what I’d better not eat and a small weird list of things that would help me to conquer the malnutrition I was suffering. (in later years that weird list started to make sense and fit scientific theories to the T)

The third year I remember starting another notebook, this time choosing a topic I had no confidence in of ever solving: sleeping through the night. But since the precious two years had brought me results I started this notebook anyway. I stuck an owl to the front of the book, to encourage myself. And what do you know: after a year had passed I had learned to sleep through the night. Based on thoughts I could not have phantomed up front such as early baby development and nervous systems and hyper sensitivity. I thought it would have been about sleep hygiene and blood sugar. That really was a marvelous thing! I still feel victorious if I sleep through the night. (which I did last night! And the night before!)(after two months of laying awake, solving cryptograms)

Somewhere inbetween another notebook was used every day, that’s the one with the happy birds on it (they came with the owl). It’s some sort of gratitude journal and every night I put in a few words about nice things that happened that day. Because of the gloomy situation I was in and my inborn tendency to remember the bad things I felt it necessary to record nice things.

It reads things like:

“today I saw two chickadees grooming each other”

“after bloodworks in the hospital we sat in the hall for a while before going home and Robert had his arm around me and it was such a nice feeling.”

little things, important things. At night I might reread some of the earlier entries and I started to feel better about my life each and every time.

oh…and guess what I use for my knitting? a notebook! (it’s adorable)

it was given to me by another knitter in a swap. That’s when knitters spoil each other. I do this in a group called the Dutch Karma Group over at Ravelry.com. This book holds my notes on various patterns. Often I have to rewrite a pattern to fit my shape more pleasingly. Quite a bit of calculations are involved so better jot them down.

Oh! and I have another notebook! pocketsize, to manage daily life. It holds the points I want to do today (today: felt the skirt some more; bake waffles with rice flour) and the grocery list and a calendar. It’s the size of my phone and I take it everywhere.

so. Yay me for feeling so smart and smug about starting a notebook!

But then again, I am a special kind of stupid:

returning from the bathroom without realizing I had knitting stuck to me…


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