“where dwells my mind?”

the drawing and creating of things is fun but it is not what I am steering towards. It will probably not be the main subject/actvity that will fill my days for the coming years. That subject will be more abstract, more in the head.

I am looking for the answer: “when sitting at your desk, staring out the window WHERE DWELLS YOUR MIND?”

I have not got the current answer for you at the moment. It used to be urban organisation and philosophy on people’s society. Pondering the interesting views offered by writers such as Desmond Morris and Douglas Adams.

Then it was art for a while, including philosophy on colours and their impact on humans. I especially like the thoughts of Mark Rothko and Bridget Riley. Helen Frankenthaler. I was (am)  into abstract expressionism and especially the colour field area. With a strong feel for materials and non-rectangular canvasses.


This is work of Bridget Riley. Try not to focus but let your eyes and your mind wander.

When in Norway and in close contact with the mountains of the Bergen area, I conceived these art works:

work by annaabstract expressionist does Norwegian mountain dreaming.

They are 2 x 3 m in size, made of pieces of wood that ar cut like puzzle pieces. Each piece has a different direction of grain, if not a different kind of wood. It is handrubbed with pigmented beeswax. But only after I scribbled small ‘mountain messages’ into the wood.

So on all scales something important is to be found. Close up you feel and see and smell the wood and materials, you note the scribbles. From far away you note the shape and colours. Which hopefully tell about mountains and their long lifes and how they are fluent if you think in mere millions of years instead of decades.

But also how they co-exist with their partners: the wind and the water. All with their scale, ritme and filling of spaces.

How each year small creatures buzz around their flanks: people, the birds, trees that grow and die.

How inside each mountain and boulder there is some laughter, some ritme that’s quite fast. We only think mountains are slow and cold because we look at them with human eyes. But when you look with mountain eyes they lead quite an eventfull life.

Well, this is just a glimpse of what I was doing and how I was thinking. What I like to point out to myself is that going through all the scales, be it urban welling or art, is very important to me. The scale of a fingertip is essential, with all its sensibilities. And the scale of mountains and cities in relation to the sky and the far horizon is essential, with all its freedom of the mind. With everything between those two scales.


Right now I am thinking about possible subjects to wrap my mind around.

One of them is CUTTLEFISH, which are amazing creatures. They have unique vision. They can do all kinds of things with their skin. I could happily study the for a couple of years.

Another thing of interest is the NERVOUS SYSTEM. Part of cuttlefish skin tricks is done by manipulating their nervous system. Through my own physique I am very interested in nervous systems. They are the thin threads of a web cast by the brain to experience the world. I think there is not much difference between the nerves running inside the body and the outer appendages we call fingers, both gather information. Nerves give out information too. They run independant from our ‘self’. But they run not uninfluenced. So interesting!

The workings of the nervous system are still quite a mystery to modern science and medicine.

There’s this Dutch writer, Midas Dekkers. He is a biologist and he writes about the marvelous things that can be found in that field. He is fun with words. And he adores cats. I could happily write like him.

I could think about COLOUR for years. How it is perceived, by us and other creatures. Its impacts on various creatures. Think about colours that we can’t see. Colours that don’t even exist.

that’s where I’m looking at right now: a career in writing (keeping pace with my health) about an abstract subject I can think about whenever my mind wanders.


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