ahboo! I forgot to

I did not look on my list. I forgot to doodle and draw. I’ve been busy photographing all day (totally thought I could do a full set of product pictures in a day. Ha! I’m halfway where I thought I’d be. Taking pictures is ‘only’ half the work, after that comes Photoshop…)

look what I learned today:


it’s not perfect but I did solve some problems such as very bad lighting and an overall yellowness.

any way. No drawing.

I did remember to go to the toilet. I also remembered to take my hydrocortisone pills. So there’s that. No crashes, no extreme fatigue and no body burdens.

I even paced myself when the photography wasn’t going well. I am contend with well enough.

All in all it was a good day. I even made a glutenfree apple cake from very tasty, traditional apples (Lemoen). So I did do two things from the list. But really, this taking photographs takes up two spoons. At least.

When I laid awake last night I did have fun thinking about the drawing I was going to do. I thought up a little story, about a Blue Tit who is mighty around this little cabin from me.

You know what, I’ll take my sketch book upstairs with me. See what I can doodle before I fall asleep. I will get the whole list done!


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