the yoke of it all…

for breakfast I take two softboiled egg yokes, a slush of herb vinegar, a big dollop of creme fraiche/sourcream/rømme and a teaspoon of mustard. Mix. Eat. Very healthy and very good. Easy on the stomach too, because of the added vinegar.

the yokes give you nutriënts, the fat gives you energy without raising your bloodsugar too much and it helps the take-up of the nutriënts. It will not raise your cholesterol because cholesterol is determined by your body, not by your food.

the thing is, this breakfast leaves me with two softboiled eggwhites I have no use for. Eggwhites will raise your insuline you see. Insuline rises hard with carbohydrates, it rises mildly with proteine and/or with a volume of food. So where you to eat a head of lettuce and nothing else, the volume of it would make your insuline start.

anyway, I don’t eat eggwhites. But I hate to waist food. So I thought: “I’ll put it outside. For the hedgehogs and the beetles.”

For weeks those eggwhites laid in the forest. Untouched! No bird, no mamal, no insect was interested in it. I was baffled.

  1. Made me think that nature might not recognize boiled eggs as natural.
  2. Made me think our bodies might not recognize it as natural either.
  3. There are some illnesses connected with not handling proteins. Where the kidneys cannot dispose of it. Where it gets stored away where it does the least damage (the joints). Where proteins traverse the gut in chunks too big, causing all kinds of reactions.
  4. should I eat my eggs raw?
  5. salmonellooooooooaaaaaaaahhhhH!
  6. there, there. Only in commercial eggs, my dear. Not in organic eggs. As long as you are not weak of constitution and use a little vinegar you can handle a lot of bacteria in you food, there, there



I have a squirrel here that refuses to eat nuts from the American Oaks that’ve been growing over here since a couple of centuries. He only wants European acorns. He’d rather starve on that one particular cold winter than touch the acorns I had gathered for him in Autumn. That’s how I figured it out. He was even staring through the window, demanding food!

got nuts?

He did like the coconut I offered in despair.

nature is strange.

ps. also my livingroom is strange. You see here various bags of wool, a Louet spinningwheel on the right, a fleece in a chair with a handspun cardigan on top and some nicnacs on the wall. It’s like Katten og Gubben over here.


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