life’s little miracles

I wrote about the little miracle that is the connection between a human and a pet. The friendlyness and love experienced between two species. It’s quite extraordinary, when you think about it!

Here are some more of these extraordinarities that can be found in life:

  1. making love. There is some weird, deep, deep connection you (can) make within yourself when you are making love. There you exist without words. But there is knowledge. And wisdom. And a deep, deep connection. It truly is a miracle.
  2. mathematics. Imagine what wonder mathematicians stumbled upon, just by thinking about numbers. All kinds of patterns emerged. All kinds of connections. All in the head.
  3. A third one is again about pets but this time about another aspect of that weird co-existence between man and pet it is  about the marvellousness of coincidence. It’s a miracle how a mammal that loves with its eyes and with its hands (man) came to keep cats in his house! Cats who have beautiful eyes and beautiful poses. Cats who love to be stroked because it resembles washing their fur and it is what their real mommy did when they were a kitten. It still comforts them even if now it’s just stroking and not washing. Luck has it they have a fur we humans love to touch. If, say, crocodiles would like to be stroked they are out of luck because I like my pets soft. (Crocs do have interesting skin though. And mesmerishing eyes.)(don’t keep them as pets though, grant them their river)cat in blossoming treeThe only downside is that we would love to gaze into the eyes of a cat but, as is the situation with most predators, direct eye contact is a threat to them. Guess who learned to speak another species language to keep the interspecies love going? Cat people did. Catlovers squint their eyes and peep through their eyelashes towards their beloved animal. Cats in return learn to withstand the gaze and allow their beloved humans to look into their eyes every now and then.
  4. a fourth little miracle is something that works against us, in modern life. It is how sweet food makes us happy. It’s a chemical thing; a biological given. It’s a strong force of nature and we have given in to it with all our modern crop growing and food refinements. It is a coincidence how our biological craving has teamed up wit our smartness and now we can make sugar and all kinds of pastries and soft drinks and we even put sugar in soup and in bread. It’s a miracle but not one to celebrate, I’m afraid. I appreciate it, but I’m not really happy with it. Or, as we say over here: I’m smiling like a farmer with a toothache.

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