my tips for energizing when slugish

we live in a world that loves to feel energetic. We energize our physical system with coffee, energy drinks, sweet food, outrage, fight, insult, thrill seekin, gossip, social media, career ambition, worries and social dynamics.

The systems we activate are the adrenals (they provide the fast stress hormone adrenaline for a 2 minute buzz and the slower stress hormome cortisol for a 2 hour ride) and the bloodsugarlevel (high pitched voice: sugarrr rrruuush!)

well now. I cannot give my adrenals a swift kick in the butt. It would be like kicking a lazy seal. FLOP!

here are my ways to preserve energy:

  • digestion. Vegetables and bran take a lot of effort to digest. I ban them. Don’t need them for vitamins anyway since egg yolks contain almost all you need. Investigate the way of eating called Homo Optimum Diet by Kwasniewski if you want to find out more
  • digestion. I have a gluten sensitivity. I can have some but if I eat pancakes for more than 3 days my intestines wil be out of commission for 10. This is a bore. Totally not worth it.
  • silence. I put on ear mufflers a couple of times a day. Instant bliss. Also helps to divert peoples desire to talk to me. I bought them at a DIY store.
  • people. They are tiresome to interact with. Plan accordingly (start by seeing the people you really like to see, everybody else gets pushed into ‘we’ll see’)(keep it short and sweet. I take a taxi to a knitting gathering and leave early and have a good time within my limitations)
  • phone. I jump at the sound. Feel I have to stand by. So I asked everybody to stop calling me, start emailing me. I disconnect the phone at times to feel absolutely no pressure. If they really need you, they will find you (u. There are hardly things you need to know right away.)
  • clothes. Choosing what to wear each morning is tiresome. I have a sort of ‘uniform’ that safes me the trouble: a long skirt, an undershirt, a longsleeve, a cardigan. Of every item I have 3 or 4 in the same shape but in different colours that are all compateable. No matter what I grab, I look okay. (I made the skirts myself and the cardigans too)
  • showering. Taking a shower somehow takes the wind right out of me. I don’t know why but I can speculate (hot water, alarm reaction, blood pressure blabla). Either way, my body isn’t listening and just reacts this way. Take shower? lay on bed for an hour before thinking of getting dressed. So I don’t shower every day. I don’t get that filthy anyway. (And by eating clean my body has not much waste for my pores)
  • cooking. Is a chore. It takes about as much energy as taking a shower. So I cook for 3 or 4 days in a row. Crockpot dinners, oven roasts, chicken soup, egg and cream quiches. (I will cook from scratch for best nutrients and most flavour)
  • shopping. I make a list and my husband goes shopping once a week with that. This is also the time I get to send out letters and cards I’ve written. I don’t go to the shop often myself.
  • lists. I make lists when I am clear in my head so I don’t have to hassle when I’m tired. A list of what I will eat or what I might eat (ease of mind); a list of all the things I want to do tomorrow and then realising I can do only one or two and should be content when I do (nipping that feeling of incompetence early on); lists of things that have to be done (just to feel I have a grip on things. Says nothing about whether I’ll actually do them. I indulge in the thought)
  • house work. The house can be a whole lot less clean without getting dirty. Really, vacuuming rooms, cleaning the toilet and cleaning kitchen surfaces is all that is needed. Once a week. Or once a month if you’re in a bad shape. Or even longer. Just don’t have visitors because you’ll feel terrible. But you won’t get sick from an unkept house. You will get annoyed by the clutter. You’ll feel inadequate. Remember your priorities: rest and fun things. You’ll get to cleaning in your good sweet time, not to worry.
  • ironing clothes. huh? pffffrt!┬áJust whip your laundry tho and forth before you hang it on the line. No crinkles. Also: by cotton or wool. No iron needed. Or adopt crinkle-fashion for silk and linen.
  • have a lie down. Notice that about 45 minutes after eating your (small portions of) food a tiredness washes over you. Your stomach is ready preparing your food and wants to pass it into your intestines for digestion. This will go more efficient if you rest, flat on your back. For about 30 minutes or an hour. Just lay on that sofa, have a blankie and have something to do (I knit and watch movies). Your digestion will be efficient and your body will be fortified with nutrients.
  • stretch and yawn. A way to empty the waste channels in your body also known as the lymphatic system. Unlike the blood vessel system it has no pump, it needs movement and -above all- stretching. Don’t overdo it, imitate the cat: lazy stretching and yawning. Eliminating waste eliminates body burden.
  • have something interesting on your mind. Something to wake up for. A puzzle, a query, a design to explore, a yarn to dye, something to make, an article to write, a subject to investigate. People thrive on curiosity, cheer and courage.
  • spoontheory. Google this. You have an allotment of energy. Choose wisely how to spend it. Don’t bother with other people’s habits or opinions.
  • don’t offer links. When posting online, make interested people do their own research. Every body knows the google. You don’t need to predigest things for them. (I’m not your mom.) (now get of my lawn!)
  • surroundings. Surround yourself with friendly things. Cards from friends, handmades, nice pictures, nice cushions, ┬ácolours that soothe or make you happy.
  • wear funny clothes. A fun hat, funny wristwarmers. Just to please yourself.
  • sleep well. Or lay in bed for 8 hours. Your adrenals will thank you when you lie in, just resting.

sleepy, floppy sea lion


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