Knitting and the Art of Life

Four years ago I keeled over. It would take a long time to heal, once I figured out what was wrong with me. And I had to take long horizontal rests during the day. (something to do with bloodpressure, adrenals, nervous system blahdiblah)

Laying on on the couch and forbidden to surf or play video games because of the stress it induces I started Sudoku knitting. Knitting is very good for humans because:

  • the repetitive motion calms the mind
  • the tactile senses are delighted
  • it’s a skill, you’re making something with your hands
  • various levels of engagement are available to suit various states of brain clarity
  • you take a place in a line of people dating back centuries. This includes lots of butch man such as soldiers.
  • sheep are hardly harmed when producing fleece (unless Merino, google for ‘mulesing’, NSFtenderpeople)
  • producing a custom made, custom fitted garment
  • the garment will flatter your body, no matter what body type you have
  • colours make happy
  • alternatives available for all kinds of allergies
  • keeps muscles souple
  • something to do while watching tv, riding the bus, waiting in line (stress reducing)
  • you get to make whatever you want! even owls and rainbows…

the best place online for knitting is It’s a free, spamfree knitting community with over 2 million people talking about knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning, patterns, techniques, cats, chocolate and Bob, the Boston Terrier.


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