two women, possibly more

                                     I’m a city girl!

Silk. Greys. Silver. Culture. People. Multi layered. Noblesse. Visibility. Forward.

I’m a country girl!

Handspun. Colours. Farmer. Nature. Peace. The big picture. Rest. Transcendence.

These two sides of me are so different. Incompatible were I to decide upon a one way track into the future.

Should I? Should I choose for one? Is there a merge possible? Should I want a one way track? I’ve felt adrift without a choice. Without definition.


I could not give you a title to put on a business card of mine.

I’ve had lots. Business cards and titles:

Architect, Master of Science, engineer, artist, sculptor, manager, thinker, writer, knitter, farmer, philosopher, fast thinker, slow thinker, artisan. None of these suffice.


Thinking about the similarities perhaps gives way to a third option?

They are: a sense of style; the want to make things; the joy of creating with hands (tactile); materials; shapes; the need for silence; the need to turn away from people often; having a place in a bigger whole; connection to the past; …


There are also a lot of boundaries I have to observe…. I have to rest every day; I cannot be ambitious; I do not well when my results depend upon others; many many more.


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